The Town

Affleck has turned out an accomplished and riveting crime thriller. The Town isn't as hot as Heat, but it's one hell of a scorcher.

The Hole 3D

A proper horror for kids big and small, The Hole is a great relief after The Human Centipede. Friendly fun to freak out the hole (ahem) family.

I'm Still Here

Committed and convincing, I'm Still Here is a brave and unusual piece of cinema. Fascinating.

Winter's Bone

As bleak as Brick, Winter's Bone is a cold modern mystery that should earn Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar. A frostbitten pleasure.

The Other Guys

There are flashes of brilliance in this frantic Ferrell vehicle. The Other Guys never shoots to kill, but it frequently finds your funny bone.

Tamara Drewe

Intelligently titillating, Tamara Drewe hides its smarts under a hedgerow of filth. Unassuming, undeniably fun.

Going the Distance

Drew and Justin make sparks fly in this natural, likeable movie. Unlike most rom-coms this year, Going the Distance is worth making the trip to see.


Mumblecore meets mainstream without making a masterpiece. Painful and heartfelt but rarely funny, Cyrus is good but it's no Greenberg.

The Runaways

A run-of-the-mill rock biopic elevated by its quick script and great cast. Forget mopey Bella: Kristen Stewart rocks.

The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism blends belief, doubt and humour to produce some seriously scary cinema. Until the dubious ending.

The Switch

Ill-conceived but entertaining, the year's second sperm donor rom-com leaves no embarrassing stains.

An Education: Cinema's Top Syllabus

With kids back to school and education funding cut, what's the best way to educate your child? Cinema.

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I'm Still Here - Spoof or Truth?

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Hallowed Horrors (or How to Seduce a Girl in 10 Films) Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Saturday, 31 October 2009 12:34

Happy Halloween folks! No doubt you're planning an orgy of drink, sex and fake blood, but if trick or treating with the kids ain't your style, maybe you've gone for the alternate route: a movie marathon. But this a tricky minefield of mistakes - fangs or fur? Zombies or vampires? These are tough choices to make. 

Of course, if you know what you're doing, you'll have dragged in some other poor soul to keep you company in the dark. But, if you're really smart, you'll be looking to score something other than novelty-shaped sweets. Why not get a girl to come over? Halloween is the perfect time to take advantage of that classic emotional response: fear. In the right circumstances, it's more powerful than good looks. So dim the lights, grab a glass of chianti and plan the perfect movie marathon - this Halloween, learn how to seduce a girl in 10 films.

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And so another year of filmic festivities kicks off in the capital. Yes, The Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival is upon us, and we've got it covered. Not got the shoes for the red carpet? Too scared to stalk your favourite stars? Don't worry - we have a press pass and almost no moral principles whatsoever. So sit back and absorb the cinematic brilliance as three intrepid i-Flicks reporters step out in style (tape recorders and Twitter in tow) to bring you all the action. Nut and shut up - welcome to the LFF.


The Line-Up












Image: Free Digital


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Red Carpet: A Serious Man Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 23:34

It was hard to hide the disappointment when I found out Joel and Ethan were running late. The Coen Brothers, legends of modern cinema and quite possibly geniuses, would not be answering questions before the premiere. But Micheal Stuhlbarg, star of A Serious Man, would be. A long-time theatre man, the Coen's latest sees him (as Larry Gupnik) have a nervous breakdown when he life falls to pieces. Who has the answers? Religion? God? Mathematics? Dentistry? Looking surprisingly calm and collected for a man who finds no meaning in the universe, Michael walked along quite cheerfully, ready to deal with our taxing questions.

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Red Carpet: Glorious 39 Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 22:33

A director like Stephen Poliakoff always attracts the best. So when his first feature film in a decade comes to London, you know you have to be there for the inevitable orgy of talent. Bill Nighy, Christopher Lee, Romola Garai, David Tennant - all of them would be cruising through the capital within the space of 20 star-struck minutes. I was wearing my sexiest clothes (pinstripe suit, subtle jumper, shoes) and smelled fantastic. Surely I could bag at least one of them tonight. This was the night when I would get lucky.

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Red Carpet: Don't Worry About Me Print E-mail
Written by Selina Pearson   
Saturday, 24 October 2009 23:55

Saturday night at the London Film Festival saw the first screening of Don’t Worry About Me, the new film directed by David Morrissey. Morrissey is much better known for his acting, notably Blackpool, the BBC’s State of Play and The Deal, where he played Gordon Brown opposite Michael Sheen’s Tony Blair. I was fortunate enough to not only get a ticket for it, but also to get a nice big patch of red carpet; i-Flicks was the only print and online publication on the red carpet. All the more Morrissey for me.

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Red Carpet: Bunny and the Bull Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Saturday, 24 October 2009 22:00

Jumping from television to the big screen is no easy feat, so when the makers of The Mighty Boosh decided to try their luck with Bunny and the Bull, the odds were stacked against them. Retaining their ramshackle visual style, director and writer Paul King has put together a crazy, inventive tale of one man's road trip. Which takes place entirely in his flat.

From newspaper cars to cardboard cows, it's a colourful journey through the memories of Stephen (Edward Hogg) and his friend, Bunny (Simon Farnaby). Things are made even madder by the appearance of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. How did it all come together? Luckily, they're all on hand to talk about it, along with producer Mary Burke.

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Red Carpet: The Boys are Back Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Wednesday, 21 October 2009 23:51

Even though I'd already been in the same room as Clive Owen earlier that day, I was still nervous standing there in the freezing cold. Was my battery charged? Would I just collapse into a heap and drool over his shoes? Did I even remember to put on my clothes? Deciding two out of three was good enough, I readied myself for the arrivals of cast and crew. First step: finding some clothes.

No longer naked and raring to go, the first person to chat to was Alan Cubitt, screenwriter for The Boys are Back. Taking on a true story, one with no real narrative, was a tough challenge, especially with such emotional material. How did he deal with it?

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