Tintin 3D

He may not look the same, but this Tintin is as ex-quiff-itely fun as ever.

Bond 23: Skyfall

Casting news. Press conference reports. On set photos. Plus a video clip of Ben Whishaw saying "Moneypenny".

In Time

Omega load of nonsense, but this is a fun watch.

Tower Heist

By the halfway point, you'll wish they made Towering Inferno instead.

The Awakening

A classic haunted house tale that packs emotion and chills aplenty into 107 tense minutes.


It’s Before Sunrise. But with two blokes. In Nottingham. A superb slice of contemporary cinema.

Machine Gun Preacher

An interesting tale of philanthropy that strays too often from the straight and narrow.

Johnny English Reborn

It's lazy and obvious - but at least it's better than Quantum of Solace.

2011 BIFA Nominations

The British Indepedent Film Awards expect people to choose between Shame, Tyrannosaur and Tinker, Tailor. HOW? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.

The Ides of March

When it comes to award-worthy class and political tension, The Ides most definitely has it.


Never has a game of spot the stiff been this fun. You'll enjoy it so much you'll have to wash your hands afterwards.

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Kermit, Miss Piggy, The Muppets hosting the Oscars 2012

After Brett Ratner pulled a Berlusconi and Eddie Murphy swiftly followed suit, the internet exploded in a giant bull of fuzzy joy yesterday with one absolutely genius idea: The Muppets should host the Oscars in 2012. 

Since then, no doubt tons of people have written blog posts arguing why (and new Oscars producer Brian Grazer better be reading ALL of them). Their impossibly likeable charm, the genuinely hilarious jokes, witty and original spoofs of award contenders, song and dance numbers to rival Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman, and (of course) the fact that ABC are owned by Disney anyway.

But rather than list all of those arguments again in massive detail, there's one simple reason why The Muppets should host the Oscars: they've been presenting them (and Emmys) for years.

Here's some video proof that The Muppets already know their way around an awards ceremony...

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"Is this movie in 3D? No, The Muppets are as 3D as they've always been!"

This final trailer for The Muppets feels as old-school as the original TV series, but still finds the time to refer to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and squeeze in Jack Black and Neil Patrick Harris. It's been said all before (mostly by me in a state of mouth-frothing excitement) but Jason Segel's update on Jim Henson's awesome creation really does look like it has everything.

All we need now is for someone to invent a time machine to take us to next February when it comes out in the UK. Preferably not Dr Bunsen and Beaker.

And now... singing chickens!

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Yep. Those furry fuzzballs of happiness made Tuesday morning seem like a happy place, full of piano-playing dogs, banjo-playing frogs and tennis balls with eyes stuck on their heads.


The only thing better than the new posters for The Muppets movie (out in the UK in Februrary next year *grumble grumble)? Our video wall of The Bestest Muppets Videos of All Time (including the spoof trailers - and that Pierce Brosnan sketch from Muppets tonight).

Before you overdose on Muppety video goodness, read on to see all four wonderful new posters.

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So The Muppets released their latest inspired creation this week: a Muppetised (shut up, it's a word) version of David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer. Which is nothing like the original Dragon Tattoo trailer. And has absolutely nothing to do with the actual plot of The Muppets film, out in February next year. Inevitably, it's awesome:



In fact, it's so awesome that I ended up going on a Muppets video bender. The result being this collection of the bestest Muppet videos/trailers of ALL TIME. (Give or take all of time.) And yes, it even includes that Pierce Brosnan sketch from Muppets Tonight.

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Yes, it's another Jason Segel / Amy Adams rom-com, but don't look away just yet, even if the poster makes you think twice.




I tell you now that the trailer for Green with Envy is very probably the best thing ever. Out of all the things. If you lined up all the things and picked the best one, this would be it.

If I told you it was directed by Flight of the Conchords helmer James Bobin, that might help convince you a bit. I could also list the amazing supporting cast, but the best thing to do is just watch the trailer. Especially around the 0:51 mark.





Told you it was awesome.

Green with Envy is out in February 2012.



Oh no! The Muppet Studios is now a run-down old building that no-one's interested in anymore! If only Jason Segel was around to save it with a brand new movie starring Danny Trejo, Paul Rudd, Chris Cooper and Amy Adams. Oh wait, HE IS.

That thought alone makes this Monday morning bearable. Even if one of the muppets does have an iPhone. More photos over at /Film.


Work continues on the next big Muppet adventure, as Amy Adams is confirmed as joining the cast of human performers.

The return of the popular puppets sees them struggling to save a movie studio from an evil oil tycoon. Their solution? Put on a show, of course!

And now that show has some definite names appearing: Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Amy Adams, Miss Piggy, Rashida Jones and Chris Cooper. They'll be starring alongside genuinely funny co-writer Jason Segel.

With Adams as Segel's girlfriend, Cooper as the villainous businessman and Jones as an ABC TV exec, Segel's entry in the franchise is shaping up to be rather promising. The Muppets are an awesome creation and deserve to be seen on the big screen with a talented team putting their hands up their behinds. Thank goodness Flight of the Conchords' James Bobin is at the helm.

Could this be The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time? Well, it might be. If that ends up being the title. 



Following the appointment of James Bobin at the helm of the new Muppet movie, we've now got some information on Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller's script. Yes, a friend of The Playlist has read it over and described as the tale of the Muppets trying to rescue their old TV haunt before an evil oilman, Tex Richman, digs underneath it to strike gold. The only way they can save the studio? By putting on a show with 10million viewers, of course!

The anonymous person describes it as a fun set-up but not a "great" one - still, with Forgetting Sarah Marshall's creative duo pumping out the ideas (cf. the puppet dance sequence in that not especially amazing movie) and James Flight of the Conchords Bobin on board, I'm still incredibly hopeful. To fuel that fanboy's hope inside me? Well, apparently Segel and Stoller "have fun with the characters, are aware of what made the Muppet early years so great (winks to the audience, friendly musical numbers, single gag repetition, friendship and togetherness being the answer to everything), and hit the mark 65% of the time".

65% of the time is good enough for me. And that's before the songs have been revealed. Maybe this could just earn its title of "The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time". And while you debate that possibility, read on for another brilliant viral video from the Muppets online powerhouse. Forget Bohemian Rhapsody and Ode to Joy - this is Beaker doing Dust in the Wind. Once again, it's pure genius.

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Everyone loves The Muppets. And everyone loves Flight of the Conchords. Everyone with two brain cells to rub together anyway. So the news from New York Magazine's blog that James Bobin, creator of Conchords, has been approached to helm the next Muppets movie is very, very exciting.

James Bobin, who also did some stuff for Da Ali G Show, can write and direct a variety of comedy styles. With previous director Nick Stoller busy on post-production for Get Him to the Greek, Bobin seems a good choice to take on the script from Muppet fanatics Stoller and Jason Segel.

The rumour has it that Bobin has been offered the job - presuming he wants it. Let's hope he can put back Judd Apatow's offer of directing Bridesmaids. That way, the Muppets will be in safe hands. And Rhys Darby may well get a cameo. He virtually looks like Scooter already.

Director: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth
Certificate: 12A

"Marley was dead to begin with..." We all know how it goes, that classic Dickens tale of England past. Now, thanks to Robert Zemeckis, A Christmas Carol has gone all Polar Express. Because that's what you do to a beloved book: fill it with motion-capture CGI. Do you remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Robert's work was an animated revolution. But 21 years down the line, his 3-D, previously seen in such stellar fare as Beowulf, is less impressive. Did you know that 19th Century London was populated by the extras from Shrek 2?

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