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More like So Shite and the Huntsmeh

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Most ineffectual.

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Hilariously daft, amiably warm, gorgeously colourful and generally all-round awwwwwwww

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Engaging? Yes. Realistic? Yes. Scary? Not so much.

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Plan B's movie isn't crap, so rather than write an essay, I reviewed it in a rap.

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It's no Cool Runnings, but this is proper feel-good summer cinema.


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The Five Year Engagment, review
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Cast: Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Alison Brie, Chris Pratt
Certificate: 12A

Hands up if you wouldn't marry Emily Blunt. Or Jason Segel, for that matter. Anyone? No? Good. That's settled. So a film that combines everyone’s two dream spouses might just be the greatest romantic comedy of all time, right? Yes. But The Five-Year Engagement falls short. Mainly because it’s so long.

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The Muppets - film review
Director: James Bobin
Cast: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Peter Linz, Chris Cooper
Certificate: U

Nostalgia. Noun. A warm fuzzy thing that looks back on the past.

The Muppets. Noun. A warm fuzzy thing that looks back on the past.

You might easily confuse the two entries in the dictionary. The easiest way to tell the difference? Only one of them makes you laugh. And has legs. And arms. And Jason Segel. (Hint: it's the one that's out in cinemas this weekend.)

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"Is this movie in 3D? No, The Muppets are as 3D as they've always been!"

This final trailer for The Muppets feels as old-school as the original TV series, but still finds the time to refer to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and squeeze in Jack Black and Neil Patrick Harris. It's been said all before (mostly by me in a state of mouth-frothing excitement) but Jason Segel's update on Jim Henson's awesome creation really does look like it has everything.

All we need now is for someone to invent a time machine to take us to next February when it comes out in the UK. Preferably not Dr Bunsen and Beaker.

And now... singing chickens!

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Yep. Those furry fuzzballs of happiness made Tuesday morning seem like a happy place, full of piano-playing dogs, banjo-playing frogs and tennis balls with eyes stuck on their heads.


The only thing better than the new posters for The Muppets movie (out in the UK in Februrary next year *grumble grumble)? Our video wall of The Bestest Muppets Videos of All Time (including the spoof trailers - and that Pierce Brosnan sketch from Muppets tonight).

Before you overdose on Muppety video goodness, read on to see all four wonderful new posters.

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So this is guaranteed to make your Monday morning a heck of a lot brighter:



It has action, adventure AND driving? James Bobin and Jason Segel are clearly onto a winner here. If only for that scene in the car. And all those other scenes that look really, really good (hello, Dr Bunsen and Beaker working at the Large Hadron Collider).

The Muppets is released in February next year in the UK, which makes me very sad. There are no more plot details in this full trailer than there were in the spoof Muppets trailers, but it's still about an evil tycoon (Chris Cooper) closing down the Muppet Studios, only for the gang to get back together again (with Jason Segel and Amy Adams) and save the studio by making the greatest Muppets show ever. And how.



So if you were hanging around on Twitter a couple of days ago, you would have seen this tweet from a rather lovely fellow:



The tweet in question was making a comic reference to The Muppets' current marketing trend of making spoof trailers for fake movies (see the Green with Envy trailer) and the fact that Green Lantern is apparently a load of cackwaffle. It was clearly a very sophisticated and witty joke.

And now, two days later, The Muppets have just released this:





Coincidence? I THINK NOT. 

(Although the Swedish tagline and the joke made by Jason Segel? Yeah, I didn't come up with that. Although I do a very good Swedish Chef impression...)



Yes, it's another Jason Segel / Amy Adams rom-com, but don't look away just yet, even if the poster makes you think twice.




I tell you now that the trailer for Green with Envy is very probably the best thing ever. Out of all the things. If you lined up all the things and picked the best one, this would be it.

If I told you it was directed by Flight of the Conchords helmer James Bobin, that might help convince you a bit. I could also list the amazing supporting cast, but the best thing to do is just watch the trailer. Especially around the 0:51 mark.





Told you it was awesome.

Green with Envy is out in February 2012.



Director: Rob Letterman
Cast: Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Chris O'Dowd, Amanda Peet
Certificate: PG

"A blue furry Charles Dickens who hangs out with a rat?" "Absolutely!" That’s the kind of family-friendly comedy you expect from a modern take on a literary classic. But Muppet Christmas Carol this ain’t. Gulliver’s Travels takes the other approach. Namely, remove brain, insert Jack Black and add in giant robots. Ta da! Christmas movie magic!

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Oh no! The Muppet Studios is now a run-down old building that no-one's interested in anymore! If only Jason Segel was around to save it with a brand new movie starring Danny Trejo, Paul Rudd, Chris Cooper and Amy Adams. Oh wait, HE IS.

That thought alone makes this Monday morning bearable. Even if one of the muppets does have an iPhone. More photos over at /Film.


Work continues on the next big Muppet adventure, as Amy Adams is confirmed as joining the cast of human performers.

The return of the popular puppets sees them struggling to save a movie studio from an evil oil tycoon. Their solution? Put on a show, of course!

And now that show has some definite names appearing: Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Amy Adams, Miss Piggy, Rashida Jones and Chris Cooper. They'll be starring alongside genuinely funny co-writer Jason Segel.

With Adams as Segel's girlfriend, Cooper as the villainous businessman and Jones as an ABC TV exec, Segel's entry in the franchise is shaping up to be rather promising. The Muppets are an awesome creation and deserve to be seen on the big screen with a talented team putting their hands up their behinds. Thank goodness Flight of the Conchords' James Bobin is at the helm.

Could this be The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time? Well, it might be. If that ends up being the title. 


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