Benjamin Sniddlegrass

We review the wittertaining movie Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins. It's almost as good as Season of the Witch.

Christian Bale's Fighting Career

A history of Christian Bale punching people.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole turns death and loss into uplifting, understated cinema. Is that actually possible? Good grief, it is.

The Ultimate John Barry Playlist

It's impossible to create a bad playlist from John Barry's music. IMPOSSIBLE.


Enchanted, Princess and the Frog, and now this? Disney hasn’t had such a winning streak since the early 90s. Tangled is happy, hirsute fun.

Meet Henry Cavill: Your New Superman

Get to know the up-and-coming Clark Kent.

Barney's Version

Paul Giamatti's a great actor. And he doesn't need 132 minutes to prove it.

BlogalongaBond: Dr. No

Dr. No's guide to being the archetypal Bond villain.

Black Swan

Theatrical and audacious, Darren Aronofsky's thriller is a twisted fragment of brilliance. Say hello to the best film of 2011.

127 Hours

As a follow-up to Slumdog, it's a solid effort. As a story of survival, it's incredible.

The King's Speech

We've seen this all before, but never so articulate. Magnificent.


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Christian Bale's a dead cert for Best Supporting Actor in The Fighter, which proves that there's one thing Bale is really good at: fighting. Ladies and Gentleman, Academy Award nominee Christian Bale. Punching people since 2000.

Fun Fact 1: it is impossible to count the number of times Christian Bale has punched people.
Fun Fact 2: Christian Bale once punched a black man in the balls. In prison.
Fun Fact 3: You do not have to punch people to win an Oscar.
Fun Fact 4: Sometimes Christian Bale punches people with an axe.
Fun Fact 5: Christian Bale did not punch his mother. But he'd probably punch yours if you said he did.

Director: David O'Russell
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo
Certificate: 15

Micky Ward (Wahlberg) is a boxer - not a great one, but a good one. He's the younger brother of Dicky Ecklund (Bale). Dicky's a boxer too. He once knocked down Sugar Ray. Now he spends his days honking on his crack pipe and talking bollocks to a video camera.

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Well, we all wanted The Tourist to win, but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association stuck to the predictable choices for most of the Golden Globes last night: The Social Network won the big ones, Christian Bale and Natalie Portman picked up something each and, of course, Colin Firth got his gong for Best Actor.

Putting The King's Speech on solid ground for an Oscar win, The Firthmeister accepted the award with all the British charm he could muster - which is a lot. Less charming for some was host Ricky Gervais, who started off risky and ended up a tamed beast who stuck to reading off cards.

His opening monologue accused The Tourist of bribing people, and also covered Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson. Gasps and frowns went round the room, and Gervais promptly disappeared for an hour before reappearing with a more serious face. Still, he did better than Andrew Garfield, who stuttered his way through trying to say the word "inspiring" and failing miserably. But hey, he looked good while doing it, so it's fine.

The very minor surprises of the night came from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross beating safe bet Alexandre Desplat to Best Score for The Social Network. Yes, that's right: Nine Inch Nails have now won a Golden Globe. Paul Giamatti also unexpectedly won Best Comedy Actor for Barney's Version, an award I thought would go to double-nominee Johnny Depp. The only other non-shock? In a Better World winning Best Foreign Language Film, proving that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association don't always just vote for Iñárritu by default.

But the best moment of the evening? The bit when Robert De Niro made a joke about Little Fockers. And 3D. And private schools. And immigration. It was a long acceptance speech for his Cecil B. DeMille Award, but The De Niro Stand-Up Hour won the Meet the Parents and Machete star back a lot of his credibility.

That was only rivalled by Lee Unkrich bashing down Justin Bieber, who presented him with the Best Animated Film award: "Were you even born when the original Toy Story was released?" Unkrich quipped. Sadly, he was.

Read on for the complete list of winners. And to see Ricky Gervais' opening monologue.


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A new TV spot for The Fighter has punched its way online via Mad Men. Because everyone know that all the cool people watch Mad Men.

That was actually the reason behind Paramount's decision to put together a quick trailer for the movie: the ABC show is watched by "high end, smart, savvy" people. In other words, the kind of people who vote for the Oscars.

Directed by David O Russell, The Fighter is about boxer Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), whose relationship with his washed-up brother (Christian Bale) complicates his attempts to return to the top of the sport. Amy Adams is in it, too. And it's totally based on a true story and stuff.

It hits US cinemas on Friday 10th December, right in time for Awards season. Whether it'll get any with its earnest cast and OTT music is another matter entirely. We'll find out in the UK around Friday 4th February.

Check out the TV spot over at Deadline, or read on for the full video. 

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After being out for the count several times over the years, The Fighter has jumped back into the ring with its first trailer. And it's pretty much what you'd expect from a heart-warming true story of a down-and-out boxer.

The tale of Micky Ward was once the pet project of Darren Aronofsky, but now David O. Russell has stepped up to the helm. He's brought with him Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. The result is a heavyweight drama, full of inspirational music and people punching other people.

Moving around in slow-motion, Mark Wahlberg is putting on his Give Me An Oscar hat after clowning around in The Other Guys. Bale, too, will be gunning for Supporting Actor, having lost some hair and stuff to highlight his shockingly non-Christian Bale accent.

Joined by Amy Adams and Melissa Leo, the underdog story of a former fighting champion will look to bash your tear ducts in with its traditional mix of family problems (Bale is Wahlberg's older brother) and money troubles. But what we all really want to see is the Terminator actor and the I Heart Huckabees director flip out simultaneously and start hitting each other.

The Fighter is released on Friday 4th February 2011. The trailer is online over at Apple, but you can read on for the full video.

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Terrence Malick is lining up his next film; a momentous occasion in the film industry calendar, given that he tends to spend 10 years on one before he's happy with it. But this is even more momentous, because (as far as the world is aware) he's still working on Tree of Life, which stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.

Still, Deadline Hollywood has reported that Terrence Malick has found romance. With Christian Bale, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem and Olga Kurylenko. Not a bad collection if you're looking for true love. He's bringing with him some of the team from Tree of Life and shooting is set for this autumn.

Things are moving quickly, which is strange for Malick. But, as we all expect, not a word has been said about the plot. But you hear that tiny, quiet buzz? That's the excitement only Malick can generate.


Lionsgate are leading the bidding for the Terminator franchise with a stake of $15 million. Not a bad gambit for the rights, which are currently held by Halcyon Group as they undergo a bankruptcy sell-out.

Now, if anyone else wants in on the action, they'll have to stump up a pretty hefty amount - more than $500,000 to be exact. And finally, if Lionsgate do get outbit, they still get to keep $750,000 for their "breakup fee". Not a bad deal at all for the company most famous for the Saw series.

The closing date for bids is 5th February, with the final auction held five days later. So Sarah, John and Arnie's CGI double may well join Jigsaw and friends. Unless Joss Whedon somehow scrapes together the biggest cash sum of his career. Let's hope he can.

If not, maybe James Cameron should just step in with his cash and stop anyone else from making more Terminator movies.

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