The Collector

A grizzly 90 minutes of grimly executed gore. The Collector is horrible, but highly gripping.

Please Give

Accomplished and unpleasant, Please Give is an engaging and clever film. Thorny, but first-class.

Wild Target

Nice cast, shame about the script. Wild Target is an average hit, but Nighy's aim is as sharp as ever. Worryingly enjoyable.


"You like me so much more than you think you do". Elegantly awkward and emotionally honest, Greenberg sticks with you for hours.

Black Death

"Be on your guard, God has slipped off the horizon" - unexpectedly intelligent and consistently dark, Black Death doesn't fail to leave its mark.

The Killer Inside Me

A gripping and unnerving account of one man's cold-blooded mind, The Killer Inside Me makes for harsh viewing. Hard-core, but high quality

Death at a Funeral

Imagine inviting a bunch of shouty annoying people to a funeral. Then paying to have them stand around the coffin being all shouty and annoying.

Sex and the City 2

Distractions aside, these ladies no longer understand, or fit into, the real world. Sex and the City 2 is nothing more than a two hour gimmick.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Newell's newest skimps on plot but delivers what matters: frenetic, fast-paced action.

Streetdance 3-D

Streetdance 3-D is traditional British fare: an acrobatic urban panto with the heart of a rom-com. Unavoidably fun.

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Home News Deathly Hallows MTV Clip Still Online!
Deathly Hallows MTV Clip Still Online! Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 14:38

Well, it was online. Then it got taken down. But now it's up again. Yes, given an extra day of hunting and the exclusive new clip from the MTV Awards at the weekend can still be found floating around the internet, giving screaming hordes of Potter fans a glimpse of what's coming in the Deathly Hallows.

It's pretty dark stuff, both visually and story-wise, with incumbent director David Yates striding forwards with even more confidence than in his previous outings. We get quite a bit of Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), who's hunting for Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) so he can kill him, and lots of shots of teenage wizards looking serious. 

No complaints here. You'd look serious too in their position. Especially with the knowledge that the (potentially spectacular) climax is being divided into two; it's going to be another year until we see the very end of The Boy who Lived. Part One hits cinemas on Friday 19th November. And it should be pretty damn good. So is this video, if you can watch it in time. Read on before it gets removed all over again.





Comments (1)
1 Tuesday, 08 June 2010 17:20
All those years and Harry still hasn't mastered the art of walking (see the train station striding trio, hilarious). And Hermione still can't shake those dodgy sweaters. And Ginny could have had the decency to do a Katie Holmes and stand in a hole when kissing Harry.
It does look freaking awesome though.

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