The Town

Affleck has turned out an accomplished and riveting crime thriller. The Town isn't as hot as Heat, but it's one hell of a scorcher.

The Hole 3D

A proper horror for kids big and small, The Hole is a great relief after The Human Centipede. Friendly fun to freak out the hole (ahem) family.

I'm Still Here

Committed and convincing, I'm Still Here is a brave and unusual piece of cinema. Fascinating.

Winter's Bone

As bleak as Brick, Winter's Bone is a cold modern mystery that should earn Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar. A frostbitten pleasure.

The Other Guys

There are flashes of brilliance in this frantic Ferrell vehicle. The Other Guys never shoots to kill, but it frequently finds your funny bone.

Tamara Drewe

Intelligently titillating, Tamara Drewe hides its smarts under a hedgerow of filth. Unassuming, undeniably fun.

Going the Distance

Drew and Justin make sparks fly in this natural, likeable movie. Unlike most rom-coms this year, Going the Distance is worth making the trip to see.


Mumblecore meets mainstream without making a masterpiece. Painful and heartfelt but rarely funny, Cyrus is good but it's no Greenberg.

The Runaways

A run-of-the-mill rock biopic elevated by its quick script and great cast. Forget mopey Bella: Kristen Stewart rocks.

The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism blends belief, doubt and humour to produce some seriously scary cinema. Until the dubious ending.

The Switch

Ill-conceived but entertaining, the year's second sperm donor rom-com leaves no embarrassing stains.

An Education: Cinema's Top Syllabus

With kids back to school and education funding cut, what's the best way to educate your child? Cinema.

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I'm Still Here - Spoof or Truth?

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Home Features Features Happy Agatha Day!
Happy Agatha Day! Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 21:58

Yes, it's officially Agatha Christie Day around the world and to celebrate we've done something slightly special: the very first Radio Play!

Yeah, suck on that Google. We have AUDIO and stuff.

Bringing Agatha's legendary character of Hercule Poirot to life for your eardrums, you can relive one of Hollywood's all-time classic crime thrillers through the little grey cells of literature's finest Belgian detective.

So sit back, straighten your fake moustache, get rid of that blood on the library floor, and dunk an 'ob-nob in your tea. Because it's time to enjoy The Hercule Suspects: a revolutionary three-part drama in honour of the great author herself. Well, that and we were bored.



The Hercule Suspects: Part 1


The Hercule Suspects: Part 2


The Hercule Suspects: Part 3



(WARNING: Actual audio content may not be that enjoyable. Also, parts may contain Clangers. And go on for, like, waaay too long.)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 September 2010 22:36

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