The Raid: A Body Count

How many people died in The Raid: Redemption? We actually counted.

Alien cupcakes

To celebrate Prometheus, here's the life cycle of Ridley Scott's Alien. In cupcake form.

Snow White and the Huntsman

More like So Shite and the Huntsmeh

Review: Top Cat: The Movie

Most ineffectual.

Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Hilariously daft, amiably warm, gorgeously colourful and generally all-round awwwwwwww

Review: The Innkeepers

Engaging? Yes. Realistic? Yes. Scary? Not so much.

Review: Red Tails

The Help meets Hot Shots! Part Deux

Review: Ill Manors

Plan B's movie isn't crap, so rather than write an essay, I reviewed it in a rap.

Review: Prometheus

Stunning. Ambitious. Provocative. Disappointing.

Review: Casa de Mi Padre

Will Ferrell no puede hablar Español. Pero, ¡mira! ¡En esta película esta hablando en Español! ¿Es loco, no?

Review: Fast Girls

It's no Cool Runnings, but this is proper feel-good summer cinema.


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The Five Year Engagment, review
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Cast: Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Alison Brie, Chris Pratt
Certificate: 12A

Hands up if you wouldn't marry Emily Blunt. Or Jason Segel, for that matter. Anyone? No? Good. That's settled. So a film that combines everyone’s two dream spouses might just be the greatest romantic comedy of all time, right? Yes. But The Five-Year Engagement falls short. Mainly because it’s so long.

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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen review
Director: Lasse Hallström
Cast: Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Amr Waked
Certificate: 12A

 The gentle slapping of the still water against your legs. The breeze on your face. The whirr of the line as you cast off. The promise of gilled goodness underneath the surface, just waiting to be caught. Yes, fishing in The Legend of Zelda was always a lot of fun.  

Billionaire Sheikh Muhammed (Waked) is determined to being that same buzz of excitement to the Yemen. For him, fishing is an act of faith, a trust in the water's ability to provide. He played way too much Zelda when he was a kid.

Dr. Alfred Jones (McGregor), on the other hand, has probably never seen a Zelda game in his life. He’s too busy talking about fish, wearing cardigans and calling people by their surname.  

But along comes Ms. Harriet Chetwode-Talbot (Blunt), a young woman representing the Sheikh, whose upbeat charm and gorgeous looks threaten to change his surname-calling ways forever. She even gets him to stop wearing a cardigan.

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Full Looper trailer 

The full Looper trailer is finally here. And Rian Johnson's sci-fi flick looks positively loopy. In the best way possible.

"Time travel has not yet been invented. But 30 years from now, it will have been," begins a scratchy-voiced Joseph Gordon Levitt. It's reassuring to know that someone's keeping track of all the tenses flying around. 

An assassin paid to take people from the future and kill them in the past, everything's going swimmingly for the young Looper. Until he finds out someone has been paid to do the same thing to him: himself (Bruce Willis).

Follow all that? Not really. Excited about it? Hell yes.

Read on to watch the full Looper trailer - or see it in HD at Apple. And if anyone mentions a teaser for a teaser for a trailer to me again, I'll travel back in time myself and shoot them in the balls.

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I know what you're thinking: throwing about phrases like "poster of the week" when it's only a Tuesday? That's crazy talk. No it's not. I'm almost 94% sure that I won't see a better poster in the next five and a bit days than Rian Johnson's Looper:



Rian Johnson's Looper Poster



The full Looper trailer turns up on Thursday. If you want to see a teaser for the trailer, or a teaser for a teaser for the trailer, go and look at Slash Film or something.




Folks presumably queued round the block last weekend to see The Adjustment Bureau, the film that suddenly EVERYONE was calling "Bourne Meets Inception!" since TotalFilm coined the phrase (which is pretty much meaningless) and someone slapped it on the poster.

Things got even worse when people started describing Liam Neeson's thriller Unknown as "Bourne Meets Taken" - presumably because it features Liam Neeson and involves someone forgetting something. In which case, you might as well call it "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Meets Memento".

But what if people don't want to see Bourne Meets Inception or Bourne Meets Taken? Never fear: you can describe literally EVERY FILM EVER MADE as "Bourne Meets" something. Just insert any word you want. Bourne Meets Casino. Bourne Meets Public Transport. Bourne Meets Cheese Sandwich. It really is that easy.

Here are a few ideas, just in case you need to describe a film to someone in the next week...

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Director: Rob Letterman
Cast: Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Chris O'Dowd, Amanda Peet
Certificate: PG

"A blue furry Charles Dickens who hangs out with a rat?" "Absolutely!" That’s the kind of family-friendly comedy you expect from a modern take on a literary classic. But Muppet Christmas Carol this ain’t. Gulliver’s Travels takes the other approach. Namely, remove brain, insert Jack Black and add in giant robots. Ta da! Christmas movie magic!

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Well that certainly isn't how I remember Jonathan Swift's novel.

Given a "contemporary re-imagining" by the guy who wrote Shark Tale, this disturbingly turd-like trailer shows us Jack Black arriving in Lilliput, town of small people. He's tied down because he's a big man (it's funny because he's fat). Then he becomes the town's hero and defends them against a Giant Robot (Chris O'Dowd fans look away now). And that's about it.

So we're bypassing Brodbingnag (town of tall people, where Gulliver is tiny), Laputa (the flying island) and Swift's other satirical societies in order to fully harness the hilarity as Jack Black does air guitar along to a miniature Kiss band. And plays table football.

The fact that this has Emily Blunt, Jason Segal, Billy Connolly, Amanda Peet, Catherine Tate and James Corden in it does not reassure me at all at this point. And that's saying a lot. 

Gulliver's Travels wades onto cinema shores on Boxing Day. For all its resemblance to its source material, this might as well be called the seasonal remake of Year One.

Check out the Gulliver's Travels poster and official synopsis in our videos section.






Rachel Weisz and Emily Blunt are set to mumble together on a new movie.

The latest from mumblecore director Lynn Shelton doesn't have a title or plot yet, but we know that the actresses will be playing sisters. Since Cyrus took the movement mainstream with its big-name cast of John C Reilly and Jonah Hill, Shelton's duo are set to eclipse that line-up. 

Shooting starts in a couple of weeks and will only last a couple of weeks. Which is why Weisz can fit it into her schedule between Terrence Malick's new film and a part in The Deep Blue Sea. It should be interesting to see the two talented actresses taking on the challenge of improvising dialogue for 90 minutes. And no, The Devil Wears Prada doesn't count.



Emily Blunt has joined upcoming sci-fi Looper, Rian Johnson's latest feature.

The Brick director's twisty turny thriller is all about a crime syndicate in the future, who kill their victims by throwing them back in time and bumping them off when no-one knows who they are. But when one of the assassins realises he's been contracted to kill a future version of himself, things get complicated. Especially when that guy has his own mission to wipe out a boy who will then bring about his eventual salvation.

Where does Blunt come in? Well, she'll be the woman who gave birth to that boy. Fresh from The Adjustment Bureau, Blunt joins an already impressive cast - Johnson's crazy thriller has an experienced ensemble when it comes to weird timey wimey movies, namely Bruce Willis (Twelve Monkeys) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception).

Looper starts shooting in January. It'll start making sense sometime around 2012.



You may recall that Jack Black was all set to go off on Gulliver's Travels. You may also recall that he was going to do so in 3D.

Well now we've got a first look at the new posters for the adaptation of Jonathan Swift's classic satirical adventure. Joe Stillman and Nicholas Stoller have scribbled the screenplay, which Rob Letterman is directing.

With Emily Blunt, Jason Segal and Billy Connolly also in the cast - not to mention Catherine Tate, Amanda Peet and Chris O'Dowd - this might turn out to be an enjoyable little family romp. After all, Letterman did direct the rather awesome Monsters vs Aliens.

Promising "a whole new look" on the beloved story, Gulliver's Travels will be out in cinemas this Boxing Day. That's 26th December for anyone who's spent too much time in Lilliput recently.

For those who like their big Jack Blacks to look even bigger, read on to see the one sheet poster.

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