The A-Team

A two-hour long montage, The A-Team tries to bust one too many blocks. It's not the best, but ridiculous? Yes. Fun? Yeah, that too.

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid is family friendly, heart-warming stuff. Especially the bit where Jackie Chan beats up a load of school kids.


More a series of vignettes than a conventional biopic, Gainsbourg captures your attention and then fills your head with stylish distractions. Like puppets. And animation. And breasts.

Toy Story 3

Pixar provide a note-perfect end to a phenomenal trilogy. Toy Story 3 is a triumph of modern animation.

Cutting Culture, Not Cost

Farewell to the UK Film Council - Mike Leigh calls Jeremy Hunt's decision "totally out of order". He's not totally wrong.


Impossible. Intelligent. Incredible. Inception is a 5 star film that dazzles as much as it boggles.


Terrifying and gross, Splice gives its horrible theme a twisted heart. As disturbing as it is fascinating.

Twilight: Eclipse

Over-acted but not over-long, Eclipse is a step up from New Moon. This trashy horror romance has rediscovered something vital: a pulse.

Brief Encounters: The A-Team

"The Dead Sea Scrolls are hilarious!" - we love it when a press conference comes together.


Modern yet retro, Predators is the perfect fan-made beast: trashy, dumb and deliriously fun.


Kristin Scott Thomas continues to prove herself one of the best bi-lingual actresses around – when she’s English she’s very good, and when she’s French she’s faultless.

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Did Inception live up to your dreams?

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Yogi Bear Trailer Ruins Childhood For Many

"Hi! I'm Dan Aykroyd! Check out this exclusive look at Yogi Bear! Only on Yahoo!"

Hit pause right there. There are moments on screen when you can literally see someone's soul die.

Yes, just after the poster turned up and depressed us all, the trailer has bungled its way onto the internet (at Yahoo! if you didn't guess) and ruined everyone's childhood. The significant drop in the population aside, Yogi in 3D is pretty much what you'd expect: unfunny slapstick, furry CGI animals, and lots of stupid talking.

The best thing about it is, surprisingly, Justin Timberlake, who seems to actually get Boo Boo's voice bang on. Everything else, from the live-action cast to the point-and-laugh pratfalls, well and truly sucks.

A kleptomaniac bear who lives in the woods wearing a tie? This trailer reminds us why it was so good that Wes Anderson did Fantastic Mr Fox in the first place. Oh look! He's running for a train! The train's a lot faster than the bear! He's still running! He's wearing a tie! Laugh Out Loud!

Again, the video's over at Yahoo! Movies (lucky them), but you can just read on to see the whole thing. And you can see the poster too.

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Thor Comic-Con Trailer Online!

Yes, the five-minute footage that impressed geeky fans at Comic-Con has appeared online thanks to Trailer Addict. And it is pretty damn impressive, to be honest - Asgard's throne room looks shiny and grand, Chris Hemsworth's Thor looks butch and manly (a mean feat given his costume), and Anthony Hopkins hams it up like no-one else can, totally rocking that golden eyepatch.

It shows Thor being interrogated by SHIELD's Agent Coulson, before cutting straight over to Thor being banished from his home by his father. "Oh no, this is Earth isn't it?" he groans in a hearty English accent, before impressing Natalie Portman with his abs and biceps - to her, he's pretty hot, for a homeless person. Then comes that moment where Thor advertises Diet Coke, trying to pull Mjolnir out of the ground...

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Thor will be wielding his 3D hammer next May. Until then, enjoy this video while it's still online.

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New Green Lantern Character Posters

After Green Lantern did its magic ring thing at Comic-Con over the weekend, Warner Bros have begun pelting the internet with all things green and lanterny. There's no trailer or footage yet, but we do have these teaser character posters.

Ryan Reynolds, who recited the Lantern oath to awed geeky fans, is starting to get into the part of Hal Jordan, who comes across the powerful green ring that inducts him into the universe's police force. And gives him special powers. But more exciting than that is a chance to see the villains of the piece.

Yes, all the main cast are on display here, from Peter Sarsgard's evil Hector Hammond (love the moustache) to Blake Lively's Carol Ferris (thank goodness she shaved her moustache). And the one sheets all match up to make cool double-poster pairs. But the best reason to look at these posters? The chance to see Mark Strong's face. All red, glowey-eyed and riddled with fake veins. 

Read on to fully appreciate the photoshopping skills - there's a lot of time to kill before 17th June next year.

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On Stranger Tides Trailer Wows Comic-Con?

Comic-Con fans would have been excited to hear word of a new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer**. Then again, it's only just started shooting, so it's no surprise that there's no actual footage in the teaser video. It's just Jack Sparrow. Sitting at a table. Talking. In 3D.

Yes, Johnny Depp is back as Cap'n Jack, complete with bottle of rum, and he's hear to tell us about his quest for the legendary Fountain of Youth. Not that he's going on the quest, mind you. But if wasn't not going on the quest, the adventure would no doubt feature "very insubstantial dangers, including but not limited to zombies, cut-throats, mermaids, and a vicious and vivacious Penelope Cruz".

It's still hard to work out if that fourth wall breaching is a good thing or not. It clearly won't happen in the film. Although if it does, then Disney's franchise may be well and truly capsized - it's treading water at the moment, thanks to the decision to push all the old cast off the plank except for Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush's Cap'n Barbossa.

Setting sail under Rob Marshall's helm, On Stranger Tides sees Ian McShane as Blackbeard, facing off against the other 3D shipmates. Expect it to dock next May.

What do you think? Is this promising? Or just an anti-climax? Check out the teaser over here, or read on for the video. 

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Drive Angry 3D Trailer Online!

Everyone not at Comic-Con was hoping to see some footage for Drive Angry 3D - and, The Cage be praised, a teaser's turned up within 24 hours. Which has saved all the normal people in the world a lot of money, time and street cred.

Drive Angry 3D (full title only, please) of course sees Nicolas Cage going on a rampage of revenge that some may well describe as rip-roaring. His daughter killed, her baby kidnapped, The Cage is one angry daddy. Which would explain the nature of his 3D driving.

Screeching around on B-Movie tyres, hellbent on slaughtering pretty much everyone in sight, Nic is great for this kind of brainless crazy role. Like Liam Neeson. But more unhinged. Directed by My Bloody Valentine's Patrick Lussier, the cast not only has Amber Heard, William Fichtner and David Morse in the cast, but also features 12th natural wonder of the world: Billy Burke.

It's pulling into parking lots (yes, I just used that terrible metaphor) next February. For now, check out the Drive Angry 3D trailer over at Bloody Disgusting, or read on for the full video.

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New Red Trailer Online

DC have hit back at Marvel at Comic-Con with the release of the second trailer for upcoming movie Red. The first trailer gave us a lot of Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren as ex-CIA agents, with a little splash of young enemy Karl Urban for good measure. With the second, we get a lot more of John Malkovich.

Willis, Mirren, Malkovich and Morgan Freeman are all old now. Past it. But soon they get labelled as Retired and Extremely Dangeous, so the old team get back together to stop the secret service's whippersnappers from wiping them out.

Expanded from a solo piece into an ensemble from Warren Ellis' graphic novel, it's a pretty simple and obvious idea - old people kick ass - but when your old people are "the queen and God" (as Mirren put it during the Comic-Con panel) you can't really argue. With stuff blowing up, Mirren shooting people, and Malkovich doing the crazies, Red is shaping up to be quite a lot of fun. Not least because it allows Karl Urban to get his geek on. Again. What with Star Trek, Priest, Judge Dredd and this, that guy is now a legend for all sci-fi comic book fans.

The trailer's online over at Apple.




It's Daniel Radcliffe's 21st birthday! But instead of giving him a cake, here's something that will clearly make his day far happier: three new featurettes for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. No, you can't eat them.

Need to brush up on your Deathly Hallows' story? There's something to sort you right out. Love wizards? Love running? Then you'll really love the close look at Harry, Ron and Hermione on the run in the wild muggle world. And competitive? Boy, is that boy wizard competitive - see ickle Danny Radcliffe pretending he can run really quickly, even faster than a girl. Which he blatantly can't.

Coming right after that spectacular theatrical trailer, HP7 is still shaping up to be a stunning conclusion to the epic franchise. So sit back, light a candle, and celebrate the growing pains of Danny Radcliffe with three rather exciting videos.

It's either that or bake the cake after all. And it's hard to bake a cake in the shape of a horse.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released on Friday 19th November. Re-watch the trailer over here, or read on for all three new videos.

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Comic-Con is here! And so is the first video: the all-new ultra-shiny mega-blue trailer for Tron: Legacy. [Insert screams and drool here]

Yes, we've got ourselves another look at Joseph Kosinksi's sequel to the techno-surfing classic, and it's much the same as the last trailer (over here with a pretty batch of stills). But with a LOT of added cool new bits.

So Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), who saw his dad Kevin (Jeff Bridges) just before he disappeared down his digital rabbit hole, is all grown up now. And he's been summoned into the Tron world by a mysterious man, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), and a pager message from thin air.

With light bikes, halos and spandex suits galore, Tron: Legacy's world has been beefed up for the 3-D age. And that includes not just one Jeff Bridges, but two: the CGI-faced Clu, Flynn's evil computer. Who looks awesome in a vibrant orange outfit. His face is damn impressive too - the effects work really is completely seamless.

Read on for the video and get super-excited. Then once you've calmed down, watch it again. Trust us, you'll want to.

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Have you ever wondered what a spliced organism eats for dinner? Well, with Splice out this Friday, you won't have to wonder for much longer.

Vincenzo Natali's engaging sci-fi horror introduces the world to Dren, a creature bred from a mix of DNA, including human. But with wings, a tail and a disturbing appetite, it's no wonder she loves to attack people now and then. And you can see her do exactly that with a horrible new clip from the film.

Exec-produced by Guillermo Del Toro, Splice is a freaky and unique beast (review over here), which sees Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley push scientific boundaries way into messed up territory. But if science fiction's your thing and you rather like monsters, head over to the Newstead Pharmaceuticals website, where you can send novelty emails to your friends and claim they've been spliced.

Alternatively, check out the trailers in our video section, or just read on for the brand new clip.

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UPDATE: Final Scott Pilgrim Trailer Remix!

Ok, at first you may not have been convinced - a remix of a trailer? What's the point? Well, as Osymyso has clearly proved, the point is that it's frickin' awesome. Seven evil times awesome thanks to the last, final video over at JoBlo. Which means there are no more remixes. WHAT?

Yes, Scott Pilgrim vs the World is still on its way towards us - the videos lead perfectly up to this week's Comic-Con - and those of us with a spinal cord still in tact are slobbering over the carpet like starved dogs. Dogs who like comic books and really, really good movies.

To reinforce this dignified pose, Edgar has brought in Brit DJ Osymyso to come up with some remixed trailers, leading up to the massive Comic-Con preview which will obviously stun us all. The first one - Prepare - takes a track from the score (Bass Battle) and a load of cool dialogue and turns it into a work of visual genius. The second is a quick riff on character intros, simply called "Hey".

Remember the Spaced Jam on the series' DVD? Yeah, it's the same guy. And he's still got the magic.

Expect more magic in the run-up to Friday August 25th. Until then, read on for pure Pilgrim amazement. Epic epicness, if you will.


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