Interview: Paddy Considine

We chat to the Tyrannosaur director about moving behind the camera and making a masterpiece.

12 Double-Bills You Should See at the LFF

Forget the two servings of Clooney and the naked Fassbender sandwich. Here are 12 double-bills you should see at the London Film Festival 2011


It makes Mike Leigh and Ken Loach look like the Chuckle Brothers. Brilliant, beautiful stuff.

Midnight in Paris

A charming piece full of nostalgia, wit and (most importantly) laughs.

Johnny English Reborn

It's lazy and obvious - but at least it's better than Quantum of Solace.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Pray they leave the lights on during the film.

How to Stop the End of the World

If you were affected by the issues raised in Melancholia, here's a guide to avoiding the apocalypse.

Review: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tinker Tailor Blooming Marvellous


10% cars, 20% Carey Mulligan and 70% Ryan Gosling smiling slowly, Drive is 100% awesome.


A heavyweight drama, Warrior is obvious, but undeniably moving. It's a hard slog, but it's worth it.

BlogalongaBond: The Man with the Golden Gun

Or, How to Ruin a Really Good Bond Book


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5 Things We Learned from Like Crazy Red Carpet Interviews

Like Crazy London Film Festival Felicity Jones red carpet

It's a scientifically proven fact that Felicity Jones is awesome. Chalet Girl, Cemetery Junction, Dr Who - there's nothing she can do wrong. She even made The Archers awesome when she was a teen. You just have to look at the response she's been getting for Like Crazy (a Sundance Festival hit) to realise that she's heading for big things very soon.

A painful tale of a long-distance romance between Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna (Jones), Like Crazy has been hailed by many folks (I annoyingly still haven't seen it) as a non-cliched indie flick with a natural charm. So it was good to get a chance to holler some brief questions at the Chalet Girl star and director Drake Doremus as they strolled past Leicester Square's glamorous construction work and into the Vue West End for Like Crazy's European Premiere.

Of course, it didn't take me long to come up with questions for her. They mostly went something like this.

But my Felicity Jones crush aside, here are five things we learned from the Like Crazy red carpet:

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360 LFF press conference

The London Film Festival opened last night with 360, Fernando Meirelles' globe-trotting tale of interconnected romances. Unfortunately, it's a little bit pants (read our 360 LFF review). 

But while this modern take on Schnitzler's play La Ronde lacks the sexual tension of syphilis-ridden Vienna or Contagion's risk of catching rabies off Gwyneth Paltrow, writer Peter Morgan is pleased with the script, and the cast enjoy the global scale of events - even if no-one else does. 

So why on earth did Meirelles and Morgan make 360 in the first place? And where did it all go wrong?

Here are five things we learned from the London Film Festival's 360 press conference:

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360 lff review anthony hopkins
Director: Fernando Meirelles
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law
Certificate: 15

Somewhere in London, a man is having sex with Rachel Weisz. In Vienna, a female prostitute is posing for topless photos. In America, Anthony Hopkins is getting on a plane. In the audience, people are falling asleep. This is 360, a global trundle around an endless wheel of boredom. You’d have more fun staring at a protractor for half an hour.

Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s play La Ronde, Fernando Meirelles’ film aims to look at the way strangers around the world are linked by relationships. But where Schnitzler’s play had the threat of syphilis to keep its sex roulette exciting, 360 is tenuously held together by its own sense of self-importance. And airplanes. Lots of shots of airplanes - presumably the title is the result of a running count.

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It’s only a few weeks until the London Film Festival returns for its 55th year. Of course, everyone’s raving about the must-see films, from George Clooney in The Ides of March to Steve McQueen’s second film, Shame.

But if you’re only in the capital for a weekend or an afternoon, forget about Clooney’s two-pronged attack, Rachel Weisz's double-decker, or the Michael Fassbender naked sandwich.

Here are 12 other double-bills you should see at the LFF:

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