Impossible. Intelligent. Incredible. Inception is a 5 star film that dazzles as much as it boggles.

Twilight: Eclipse

Over-acted but not over-long, Eclipse is a step up from New Moon. This trashy horror romance has rediscovered something vital: a pulse.


Modern yet retro, Predators is the perfect fan-made beast: trashy, dumb and deliriously fun.


Kristin Scott Thomas continues to prove herself one of the best bi-lingual actresses around – when she’s English she’s very good, and when she’s French she’s faultless.

Shrek Forever After

You'll leave Shrek Forever After thinking it's a wonderful life. Mostly because you'll never have to sit through a Shrek film again.

Predators Special

Got Brody? Need mandibles? Celebrate all things alien, blood-soaked and trashy with our Predators Special.

Whatever Works

Far from ground-breaking, but Whatever Works is an enjoyable diversion from the empty void of meaning that is life. It's either that or jump out a window.

The Collector

A grizzly 90 minutes of grimly executed gore. The Collector is horrible, but highly gripping.

Wimbledon: The Hollywood Years

Tennis players and movie stars - it's hard to tell the difference. In a film called Wimbledon (if such a crazy idea were to exist) who would play whom?

Wild Target

Nice cast, shame about the script. Wild Target is an average hit, but Nighy's aim is as sharp as ever. Worryingly enjoyable.


"You like me so much more than you think you do". Elegantly awkward and emotionally honest, Greenberg sticks with you for hours.

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Brief Encounters: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page

Ok, so we fobbed you off with that "Exclusive Interview" Twitter thing from the other day - although the answers really were revelatory for many - so here's an actual Q&A sesh for you to enjoy. What's it like working with Christopher Nolan on such a crazy project like Inception? Who better to ask than young stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page? Let's face it, they're two of Nolan's sexiest cast members.

"It felt like my 10 year old boy fantasies had come true" - Gordon-Levitt went the distance for the set pieces, shooting guns, throwing punches, running around a revolving corridor. As for the uber-talented Ellen Page? Well, she designed the dreams that dazzled your eyeballs. Yeah, she designed them. And then folded Paris in half. On top of itself. We haven't done that, so we decided to go with their accounts of filming Inception, seeing as they were actually there and everything.

Here's what they both had to say about working on the movie (hint: it was awesome). Enjoy watching their excited and happy faces. Then go read our 5 star review. Then go see the film. Preferably in that order. Simples.




Oh, Leo. Leo Leo Leo. Leo in a tux. Leo out of a tux. I saw everything last night in Leicester Square. Except for that last part. And the fact that I was busy watching The A-Team next door. But our men were filming events as the stars stepped out in London for the premiere of Christopher Nolan's Inception.

The mind-bending sci-fi thriller, which is out in cinemas next Friday (trailers over here), dazzled the capital with its stunning visuals and wonderful cast. But it was the latter on show outside that won over the crowds, who gathered just to get a glimpse of Leonardo in a suit. And out of it too. (NOTE: That bit still didn't happen.)

The sexy Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Ken Watanabe and Cillian Murphy joined the director and DiCaprio to walk up the Inception-style grey carpet and saunter into the packed cinema. But hey, who wants to just read a list of names when you can watch our lovely video? It even comes complete with the World's Greatest Voice-Over Man.

And if that taste of Inception isn't enough for you - let's face it, it'll never be enough until you've seen the film at least five times - you can still drool over the pretty photos. Because nothing says drooling fanboy like a bunch of glossy pictures. Go on, keep reading for both of them. You know you love it.

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More Machete Trailer Goodness

Hot on the heels of the brilliant sci-fi fan-trash Predators, we're already getting another glimpse at the next mental Robert Rodriguez movie. Remember Machete? The former Mexican Federale who carries big f*** off knives? Well, forget that first trailerwe had and its wily pop at Arizona's immigration headlines, this new trailer is what you really want.

Presuming what you want is explosions, knives, Danny Trejo and women, you've got it in bucket-loads. Hamming up his Grindhouse spoof to 11, Rodriguez is clearly cutting loose with his wild tale of the betrayed Mexican mercenary, double-crossed when the job of bumping off Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro) turns out to be a set-up.

As he's chased around the border by Jessica Alba's agent, Machete mans up for some payback. Joining him for revenge against drug lord Torrez (Steven Seagal) are Michelle Rodriguez, recently incarcerated Lindsay Lohan, and - of course - his priest, played by Cheech Marin.

It's all hitting notes Rodriguez has played before, but with the look and feel of Desperado and El Mariachi running through the two-minute video, Machete is shaping up to be one hell of a ride. Whether that ride can last for two hours is another thing entirely.

Machete blows up UK cinemas on Friday 29th October. Check out the trailer at IGN, or read on for the full thing. Did we mention it had Danny Trejo in it?

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Just as everyone calms down after the first teaser for The Social Network turned up, along comes another. The new trailer for David Fincher's Facebook movie treads a similar line to the first, focussing on Aaron Sorkin's snappy dialogue.

A lot of it is, in fact, repeated here. But now they've added text. As in, Facebook chat-style text. In which tensions blow sky high between Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) and his fellow Harvard programmers.

It makes for a interesting read/watch, throwing out sentences as quickly as the cast can overlap them - co-stars Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield have clearly got their mouths around Sorkin's crackling speech, and it's great to have a two minute showcase just for that.

The trailer's online thanks to Sony, but read on for the full video. You'll *like* this one even more.

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What with all the other summer movies sounding off over the past weeks, you were probably wondering: "where's the love for Nicolas Cage?" Well, with only a month to go before The Sorcerer's Apprentice hits UK cinemas, the love for The Cage has fully returned with this brand new clip from Bruckheimer's wizard-filled blockbuster.

Do you love Nicolas Cage? Do you love hats? Then you'll love Balthazar Blake, a modern-day sorcerer with crazy, dishevelled hair. But let's not forget Fantasia and that classic Mickey moment with the magical mops. That's what the original Sorcerer's Apprentice is all about - and Disney have gone for a live-action take on the legendary scenario.

So out goes Mickey, in comes Jay Baruchel, fighting with the animated objects as a familiar musical theme trumps along in the background. It's not quite the same as the old-school favourite, but it's probably better to include it than ignore it completely. It's just a shame The Cage doesn't turn up at the end and burn them all to heck. Whilst wearing a hat.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is released on Wednesday 11th August. For more Cage goodness, check out the new trailer over in the videos section. Or read on for the clip, plus some shiny character banners.

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Yes, you're in with a chance to win tickets to the World Premiere of Inception in London. All you have to do is track down The Extractor (your average shady man-with-a-briefcase type) as he travels around the UK looking suspicious and Inceptiony. Yes, that's a word.

Head over the Inception page on Facebook and follow the clues for his location and you can win a pair of tickets, plus travel and accommodation. Ooo, fancy. The nationwide hunt started last Wednesday, with clues appearing online. Can you hunt him down? If you do, just tell him the code and you'll bag the prize. Simply say the words "My mind is the scene of the crime" - it's as easy as being a Russian spy!

The clues get posted on Facebook as The Extractor visits the following places:

Saturday 3rd July

Monday 5th July

Tuesday 6th July

Wednesday 7th July

Thursday 8th July

Terms and conditions are over here, but for something more interesting, read on for a shiny new video featurette. Or check out the trailers and other video goodness over here.

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Forget the leaked version yesterday - the official teaser trailer for Let Me In is now online. And it looks quite good. Considering.

Considering this is a remake of 2009's best film, Let the Right One In. Considering that it's another Americanised take on a great foreign movie. Considering that no-one wanted this film to happen.

And yet there's something in the trailer for Matt Reeves' Let Me In that works. The location feels right, the casting is spot on (Kodi Smitt McPhee and Chloe Moretz look to be sinking their teeth into their parts), even the music sort of fits. 

From the looks of things, the tale will remain pretty much identical, with young outcast Owen meeting blood-sucker Abby on his local housing estate. Only to discover she's been his age for a long time. As their awkward relationship blossoms, things get darker and chillier, building up to one hell of a climax.

Tomas Alfredson he ain't, but Matt Reeves has clearly been doing his homework - lots of the shots here look the same as the original. Whether that makes it more pointless or not is perhaps debatable, but (and I'm surprised to be saying this) Let Me In could well be one of those faithful remakes that actually works. They do exist, after all. Remember Insomnia? Or The Departed?

Let Me In is released in October. Check out the trailer in our videos section, or read on for the full video.

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Rango Trailer Arrives

Remember Rango? The chameleon with the identity crisis? That freaky video with the clockwork fish? Well, now we have more trippy stuff to enjoy. Like a full-length trailer.

Johnny Depp voices the befuddled lizard. whose life is constantly under threat. Animated by ILM and written by Gladiator's John Logan, Gore Verbinski's mind-bending cartoon also features vocals from Ray Winstone, Abigail Breslin, Timothy Olyphant and Bill Nighy.

With Depp pulling his most confused and terrified face, Rango's journey of self-discovery, winding across deserts, past cacti and through one giant vat of psychotropic substances, looks to be something to remember. Or, more accurately, forget in the happy haze of a drug-addled stupour.

The trailer's over at Apple, but you can read on for the full video and check out Rango's eye-catching Hawaiian shirt on the rather colourful poster (thanks for FirstShowing for that one).

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Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer Online

Here we go again - shocks and night-vision galore for Parmount's sequel to the successful Paranormal Activity. Cleverly titled Paranormal Acitivty 2, the follow-up to last year's horror phenomenon sees Katie clamber back up from her camera-launch bedroom flight. Then - of course - the screen goes black.

The next thing we see is a baby's room, complete with cot, child, dog and loud scary footsteps. That's about all we get on the plot stakes, but expect a similar blend of nighttime bumps and timecode jumps as Todd Williams takes Oren Peli's place to direct Michael Perry's script.

Paranormal Activity is released on Friday 22nd October, with a whole lot of studio expectation behind it. $193 million is a terrifying figure to beat. Can Paranormal Activity 2 muster up the fear to do it? Read on for the trailer and then rant like a possessed movie fan below.

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"The Finale Of The Worldwide Phenomenon!"

"The Motion Picture Event Of A Generation!" 

Subtlety isn't the word here. Oh no. Because after all that excitement at the MTV Movie Awards, the wait for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is finally over. Not the wait for the film, mind you - even when Part One's out in November, you'll still have to wait until July next year for Part Two. For now, the wait is over for the trailer, because finally, the much-coveted video went live online today. At 3am.

Directed by David Yates, the dark final chapter to the epic fantasy franchise reaches its mature conclusion with a solid slice of gloom and a few touches of doom. With ickle Danny Radcliffe and Rupert Grint looking more like almost-grown-men than ever before, they join the slightly-taller Emma Watson as J.K. Rowling's wizarding trio come of age.

Horcruxes, Hallows, Tents and Dragons - Deathly Hallows has it all. And in two parts. Will it actually live up to the honestly rather insane amount of hype that precedes it? From the looks of the (admittedly spectacular) trailer, most likely yes. But check out the trailer yourself below, and give us your thoughts.

And, while you're at it, check out the pretty stills below the super-glossy video as well. Just in case you're not drooling enough yet.

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