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Electrick Children, Rebecca Thomas

(Photo via Electrick Children Facebook page)


What was the first song you ever listened to? Did it make you pregnant? That’s what happens to young Mormon girl Rachel (Julia Garner) in Electrick Children. Her family in shock, she runs away from the fundamentalist Utah commune and into Las Vegas, followed by her brother, Mr. Wills (Liam Aiken), to find the father of her magical foetus. There she meets teenage loser Clyde (Rory Culkin).

Fused with an honest love of music and faith, it’s a beautiful piece of magic realism from debut director Rebecca Thomas.

How much of it is based on her own childhood as a Mormon? Does music really have the ability to knock you up? And what does all of this have to do with Billy Zane? The talented and lovely Becca sits down and tells me about mermaids, Mormons and the powerful playlist she has hidden away on her iPod…

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Julia Gardner, Electrick Children

Director: Rebecca Thomas
Cast: Julia Gardner, Rory Culkin, Billy Zane
Certificate: 15

"Pregnant from rock and roll?" That’s the question asked of Rachel by her incredulous mother. The 15 year old’s answer is simple. "It’s a miracle." And she really believes it: that a tiny blue cassette tape that she found in the basement knocked her up through the combined power of God and rock and/or roll. That subtle balance of naivety and nonsense is what gives Electrick Children such a spark.

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If you don't want to see Billy Zane as Mormon, look away now.

But seriously, watch the Electrick Children UK trailer.



Rebecca Thomas' coming-of-age tale, about cassette tapes, babies and the power of rock music, stars Julia Garner and Rory Culkin. It's out in UK cinemas on Friday 27th July.



Out today in Serbian cinemas... Titanic. In 3D. Here's hoping they don't change the ending.


Titanik poster


See what I did there?

So yeah, if you're near a cinema in Serbia at some point in the next few weeks, why not check out little-known film Titanik? It's getting a tiny 3-D re-release in a couple of select locations around the world to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's tragic sinking. And it will no doubt rake in millions and millions of dollars. And probably quite a few Serbian dinars too.

If you're not sure about James Cameron's epic romance/historical drama/disaster movie/technological extravaganza (it's actually a very decent and emotionally engaging movie), then head this way to read our retrospective review of Titanic on VHS.

Alternatively, watch the Titanic 3D trailer. Or just click here to see a massive picture of Billy Zane. Either one should convince you to see Titanik again on the big screen. (Don't worry - there are 2D prints out there as well.)


Billy Zane - Mercenaries, review
Director: Paris Leonti
Cast: Billy Zane, Robert Fucilla, Geoff Bell, Kirsty Mitchell, Vas Blackwood
Certificate: 15

“And Billy Zane.” There aren't many words in the English language that can contain the same exciting potential of amazing brilliance - or spectacular crap. This is, after all, William George Zane Jr., the guy who starred in Titanic, Dead Calm, Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part II. And The Phantom. But not even The Zane's latest hairpiece can rescue this low-budget mess.

It begins, almost promisingly, in Serbia. A military coup sees a group of fighters shoot their way into the president’s house and kill him. It’s quick, it’s bloody, it’s trashy. And it features a bad guy called Olodan Cracovic – a name that even William George Zane Jr. would be jealous of.

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After the immense success of last week’s inaugural Home Videos post (Steven Spielberg’s Hook), even the Guardian have started writing about VHS (sort of). And so I continue to rummage through the big bag of tapes in my attic to waffle on about films what I saw when I were a youngster.

This week, out of the depths of VHS past comes Titanic:

Yes, Titanic – that Oscar-winning James Cameron epic that was formerly the most expensive movie ever made, not to mention the highest grossing movie of all time. Until Avatar came along, of course.
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Don't you hate it when you move to college and you get a psychotic roommate? That's what happens to Sara (Minka Kelly) when she ends up living with Rebecca (Leighton Meester). And now we can see the results in the new international trailer for The Roommate.

Christian Christiansen's horror film starts off nice enough, with the two girls making friends and Sara starting to date Stephen (Cam Gigandet), but everything goes downhill when Sara realises one thing: Rebecca's a nut job.

Cue library stalking, night-time staring and slippery bathroom antics. Oh, and Billy Zane's in it too.

The Roommate is out next February. Read on for the trailer.

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