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FrightFest The 13th announces biggest line-up yet Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Friday, 29 June 2012 13:11

Sunshine. Football. Happiness. That’s not what summer is about. It’s about blood. And guts. And darkened rooms. And Ethan Hawke. Not necessarily in that order.

Yes, FrightFest is back. And it’s got its biggest line-up ever ever ever. (That’s THREE “evers”, math fans.)

Sinister, The Posession, Chained, Maniac, V/H/S, Tower Block, The Seasoning House, Berberian Sound Studio.

I could go on listing films but I won’t because there are a whopping 48 of them in total. All in one building over one weekend. That’s 11 countries, 15 world premieres, 23 UK/European premieres and a batshit load of gore. Plus killer clowns, cockneys and zombies.

All them scary stuffs plus a whole screen just for rediscovering old horrors (cunning called the Re-Discovery Screen), three fully-restored Hammer classics, a strand dedicated to Italian horror AND Dario Argento himself?

Why the hell are you reading my pointless sentences? Go to the Empire Cinemas website TOMORROW – or queue up overnight in Leicester Square – and buy your festival and day passes. Tickets for Individual films are on sale from 28th July.

I’ll (hopefully) be there, popping my FrightFest cherry. Partly for the fright. Partly for the fest. But mostly because of the directorial debut of Michael Biehn. Yes, someone gave this man a camera:




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