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10 shorts you should see at Raindance 2012 Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 13:13

Raindance 2012 - Short Films Preview

One of the things I’m always terrible at when going to film festivals is checking out the short films. I see a couple, sure, I make a point of catching the animated selections, but otherwise it normally comes down to watching the ones that I’ve been recommended.

So I’m making a conceited effort this year at the 20th Raindance Film Festival to watch more short films – and hopefully, in turn, recommend some to you so you don’t miss out on them either. When’s a better time to start than now? After sifting through the programme of 138+ shorts with a fine toothcomb (well, mouse and keyboard), I’ve already got myself a must-see list.

Here are 10 shorts you should see at Raindance 2012. The best thing about them? They all come with their own selection of other shorts, so you get something like nine bonus other films for every one that takes your fancy.




If you’re not familiar with Johnny Daukes, leave this page right now and change that immediately. Daukes premiered his first feature film at Raindance 2011, Acts of Godfrey, and it was really impressive stuff. His new film (about four couples in London brought together through one man’s decision) is only 26 minutes but it’s equally powerful. And even better, it was made to accompany his new album. That’s right, Daukes is a songwriter too. And a ruddy good one at that.

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The End




”Hello? It’s Charlotte. I’m not in my film. I don’t get it.” That’s Charlotte Rampling discovering she’s been edited out of one of her films and replaced with a younger actress. This post-modern drama starring one of the legends of the screen looks to have all the impact of All About Eve packed into 17 tiny minutes.

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For Elsie




I used to have piano lessons as a kid. With a Welsh lady. She was lovely. Little Elsie, on the other hand, has a Russian father. And if she doesn’t learn For Elsie in a day then he’ll break her piano teacher’s hands. My piano lessons were boring to watch. This one almost certainly won’t be.

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12 Fucking Angry Men




Ever wanted to know how to swear in Canadian French? Jean-François Leblanc’s tribute to Sydney Lumet’s classic will certainly teach you – easily a good enough reason to watch this 13 minute film. Presuming the title hadn’t won you over already.

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Ablution Raindance

One for all the family, Abluion tells the story of two people who meet in a London bog… but never face-to-face. There’s no trailer for this one – perhaps unsurprisingly – but I have unearthed this set picture from designer Emma Denby. In the meantime, if you want to search YouTube for pictures of people going to the toilet, be my guest. I did it once. Never again.

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The Ballad of Danko Jones



What kind of man is Danko Jones? He’s the kind of man who saves the world from an evil scientist. While wearing shades. And being hunted by Elijah Wood, Selma Blair, Jena Malone and a ton of other names. The short film sprung from a series of music by the Canadian rock band Danko Jones. And it looks positively mental – in the best possible sense of the word.

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A Cadaver wakes up to say a last goodbye to his wife, but discovers a truth in death he didn't know in life. An intriguing synopsis. A cast list that includes Kathy Bates and – Great Scott! – Christopher Lloyd. And a gorgeous trailer.

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No Rest for the Wicked


Ray Park, Zachary Levi and Malcolm McDowell walk into a film. And what follows is exactly what you would expect if Chuck, Darth Maul and Alex from A Clockwork Orange met: fantastical chaos. “These came into my possession 10 years ago,” says the gruff McDowell. “These are what The Collector wants…” comes the reply. This horror adventure looks to have more imagination than the number of hats worn by its characters. And that, for the record, is a lot.

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Dark Hiding

Say the words “dystopian future landscape” and I’m pretty much yours for the night. Dark Hiding’s dystopian future is full of Neuroba, a drug that has screwed up society big time – particularly one young boy who has run away from home. We follow his sister as she tries to find him. One for those who want something out of the ordinary but prefer their sci-fi silliness-free.

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Some of the most impressive films of recent years have seen children escape from real life through fantasy. Dennis Brucks’ 15-minute drama sees a young boy meet a girl who lives in the wall – a relationship that unfolds to the evocative strains of Ravel’s uncut Bolero.

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5 other shorts to look out for

Love Story

Girl meets boy. Boy disappears to Iceland. Girl follows. Mystery ensues.

Doktor Fang

Scientist gets mugged by Freud and Jung then builds a dream machine. Everything about this animation yells "stunning".


Love AND zombie cannibalism? Yes please. 

No Prisoner

Is it a gas man? Is it a thief? No, it's Phil Jupitus in a case of mistaken identity in Josie Lawrence's flat.

Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke 

A modern version of 1962's La Jetee, starring (among other people) Jennifer Lopez. Yes, really.


Prefer films of a longer length? Read our 20 films to see at Raindance 2012 preview.


What short films are you looking forward to? Share your recommendations!