The Boat That Rocked

A film of two halves: one spent waiting to laugh, the other not laughing.

Monsters vs Aliens

Monsters! Aliens! Monsters! Awesome.

A Monster Smash

The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny? You bet it is!


It's a load of old hooey, but Knowing carries its concept with conviction; gripping and portentous, it's a baptism by fire for dubious cinemagoers.

I'm Brian and So's Me Wife!

Michael Sheen - Britain's most prolific fraudster. Is your identity safe?

The Damned United

Another character-driven masterpiece from Morgan and Michael. Damned good.


A fun, romantic, old-school caper. They caper here, they caper there. Sometimes, they caper so much their clothes fall off.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

Comedy sound effects and a sword shaped like a thingy? This is a textbook example of polishing a turd.

Marley and Me

Marley and Me's saccharine story is low on laughs and high on sugar. Bring a vat of tissues. And some insulin.


Zack "the visionary director of 300" Snyder's epic achievement is an awe-inspiring spectacle...

The Young Victoria

Glossy and gorgeous, Britain's longest-serving monarch makes for a winning romance. God save the Queen. And all that.

Gran Torino

Eastwood's star performance rescues this cliched script: forget Dirty Harry, this is racist Clint. And he's milking it for every last drop.


An energetic debut from a British director, Hush is a thrilling tale of cars, girls and posters that go up in toilets. Gripping stuff.


Cute and lively, but lacking Pixar's spark: this is The Truman Show for the High School Musical generation.


Which vampire would you want living next door?

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Home News Bogart Reports: Wolverine Leak Costs Job
Bogart Reports: Wolverine Leak Costs Job Print E-mail
Written by Bogart   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 10:00

In yet another credit crunch shocker, someone has lost their job. But shouts of "Down with Thatcher!" are not quite so appropriate this time, as it's a far less mutant-beast entity than our Mags causing the problem. Yes, the Clawed Crusader himself, Wolverine, has been cutting jobs as well as bad guys' faces.

Robert Friedman, a film journalist with a decade behind him at the mighty Fox network, posted a review of Wolverine on his blog. While this in itself is not a crime, watching and reviewing an illegal pre-release leak is, so he and Fox have now "mutually" agreed that he no longer works for them.

This film journalist has mixed feelings about what has happened to that film journalist. I'm sympathetic to the plight of the many who have worked on the film potentially losing trade, but I just can't believe that some moron was stupid enough to pass around an incomplete cut of the film to minions working on special effects

Common practise is never to give out more than any one department is working on, especially a highly anticipated blockbuster like this, so one can't help but wonder if this is just a case of moron-karma. On the plus side, however, there is one good reason to send this pirate a bottle of rum and at least 9 pieces of eight" contrary to nerdlinger reports of a megaflop, Mr Friedman was actually very impressed with this "early version" of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Even though it was missing special effects and a soundtrack.

I was worried that my love for the Jackman would be destroyed by a less-than-mediocre follow-up to the mediocre last X-Men film, but it looks like this dirty criminal blogger has given us all hope that Hugh will remain a paragon of loveliness in our lives. Swordfish never put me off, mind. Neither did Kate and Leopold. Moot point.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is released on April 29th. Watch the official trailer here.


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