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Home Movie Cupcakes Promethweekus: Alien Cupcakes
Promethweekus: Alien Cupcakes Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Saturday, 02 June 2012 12:41

Alien cupcakes

After the successful second year of Oscarnomnomnom and those lovely Avengers cupcakes, I've decided to embrace my inner baking nerd and start blogging movie cupcakes each month. Because let's face it, I'd probably be baking them anyway, so I might as well take pictures and make you lot jealous.

Following the edible Avengers goodness, I therefore turned my doughy fingers to the next big movie on its way to cinemas. An inspirational, stylish, colourful film, well-suited to the cute, family-friendly nature of the innocent cupcake. Yes, I present to you the world's first Prometheus-inspired baked goods. If H.R. Giger makes you hungry or you want your chest to burst with cakey goodness, then these babies will hug your face off.

Ridley Scott-themed Alien cupcakes? It's probably a good thing I don't have children. Read on for the full recipe and stuff - or head this way for a Prometheus review (spoiler: it's quite good).


Ingredients - Cake Ingredients - Frosting Ingredients - Icing

100g butter

100g sugar

100g self-raising

2 eggs

1/4 tsp Baking powder

Vanilla extract

Green / blue colouring

250g icing sugar

80g butter

25ml milk

Green / blue / red / black / yellow colouring


Loads of marzipan

Lots of icing



Mix together ingredients and bake in an oven for 15 minutes at 180°C.


Alien Egg Cupcake

Mix together ingredients with green food colouring. Bake the cupcake, allow to cool, then mix together green frosting.

Egg cupcake

Butterfly the cupcake open and quarter the top. Scoop out the middle with a spoon to make room for an Alien embryo. Splurge frosting inside.


Alien Egg cupcake recipe 

Reassemble the tophalf of the cupcake, leaving cracks for frosting. (Optional: Take some marzipan and stick on a couple of legs.)


Facehugger Cupcake

Once the Alien egg cupcake has hatched all over your tastebuds, you'll have to make a Facehugger to go with it. So grab a ton of marzipan and get shaping those legs...


Alien facehugger cupcake recipe 

Roll the marzipan between your fingers to make the surface as bumpy, boney, sinewy and freaky as possible.


Facehugger cupcake recipe

Get another strand of marzipan, roll it into a tail and use a knife to indent some vertebrae. Then mix up some green frosting and cover the top.


Stick together the body parts on top of the green frosting - and then give it to your nephew to traumatize them for life:

Alien Facehugger cupcake


Chestburster Cupcake

After the Facehugger cupcake has detached itself from your child's face, they'll say they're fine. They'll probably drink a lot of water and ask for some food. They might even complain of a sore throat. To make them feel better, this cupcake is the next step.

Chestbuster cupcake recipe

Take some marzipan, roll it into the shape of a turd penis long, thin, phallic object. Using a knife, slit open the front and insert some small balls of white icing.


Roll some marzipan into some arms and add them to the turd penis chestburster. Then carve some claws into the hands before adding two discs of flattened marzipan to the head. These are supposed to be eyes.

Chestburster cupcake recipe

Mix up some red frosting. You will need a LOT of red. Scoop out a hole in the middle of cupcake, inject it with the red frosting. Then insert your chestburster.


And voila! Nightmare complete:

Alien Chestburster cupcake


Alien Cupcake

Decorate a cupcake with blue frosting. If there's some green leftover in your frosting pipe, don't worry. That just makes it look prettier.


Use black colouring and some icing to make a tiny penis inner mouth. Mix the leftover icing with some blue and sculpt it into a large, curved Alien skull. Put the two together:

Alien cupcake


Other Alien/Prometheus Cupcake Ideas

If that's not enough edible Alien goodness for you/your permanently scarred children, try some of these...


Cut out white circles of icing to top the cupcakes.


Jones the Cat cupcake

Mix red and yellow colouring with icing and roll it out on a surface covered in icing sugar. Cut out a cat-shaped head, place it on top of a white circle, then use black icing to decorate whiskers, nose and eyes.


Alien mech suit cupcake

Use the remainder of the marzipan to stick together a yellow mech suit. Place it on top of a blue frosted cupcake.


Weyland logo cupcake 

Mix blue colouring with icing, roll it out on a surface, then chop out three triangles. Assemble in a 'W' shape, then add some blue squares either side.


Weyland logo cupcake



Put them all together and...

You have a complete set of Ridley Scott-themed alien cupcakes to eat while watching Prometheus.

Prometheus Cupcakes