Benjamin Sniddlegrass

We review the wittertaining movie Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins. It's almost as good as Season of the Witch.

Christian Bale's Fighting Career

A history of Christian Bale punching people.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole turns death and loss into uplifting, understated cinema. Is that actually possible? Good grief, it is.

The Ultimate John Barry Playlist

It's impossible to create a bad playlist from John Barry's music. IMPOSSIBLE.


Enchanted, Princess and the Frog, and now this? Disney hasn’t had such a winning streak since the early 90s. Tangled is happy, hirsute fun.

Meet Henry Cavill: Your New Superman

Get to know the up-and-coming Clark Kent.

Barney's Version

Paul Giamatti's a great actor. And he doesn't need 132 minutes to prove it.

BlogalongaBond: Dr. No

Dr. No's guide to being the archetypal Bond villain.

Black Swan

Theatrical and audacious, Darren Aronofsky's thriller is a twisted fragment of brilliance. Say hello to the best film of 2011.

127 Hours

As a follow-up to Slumdog, it's a solid effort. As a story of survival, it's incredible.

The King's Speech

We've seen this all before, but never so articulate. Magnificent.


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Christian Bale's a dead cert for Best Supporting Actor in The Fighter, which proves that there's one thing Bale is really good at: fighting. Ladies and Gentleman, Academy Award nominee Christian Bale. Punching people since 2000.

Fun Fact 1: it is impossible to count the number of times Christian Bale has punched people.
Fun Fact 2: Christian Bale once punched a black man in the balls. In prison.
Fun Fact 3: You do not have to punch people to win an Oscar.
Fun Fact 4: Sometimes Christian Bale punches people with an axe.
Fun Fact 5: Christian Bale did not punch his mother. But he'd probably punch yours if you said he did.

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