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Thor thundered ahead at the UK Box Office this week, holding on the top spot after its £5m debut. 

Marvel's superhero lost around 40% of last week's takings, but has hammered together a £9.5m running total, which will keep the makers of The Avengers happy for now.

Fast Five is right behind the God of Thunder with £1.6m stashed firmly in the boot. After three weeks on release, Vin Diesel's racer has accelerated past the £13.5m gross from the last Fast and Furious film, making it the fastest and most furious in the whole series. Bald men up and down the country will be sweating profusely with excitement.

Insidious, meanwhile, is in a strong third position, boasting a teeny 9% drop as people begin to spread the word about the Saw director's horror film. It's almost at the £4m mark in total, but expect this one to reach a fair bit higher than that.

All the three holdovers held back the weekend's new releases. Emerging at the head of the pack is Water for Elephants, the watery film about elephants and Robert Pattinson. Thanks to previews from Wednesday onwards, R-Patz beat Saoirse Ronan's Hanna to the UK Top Ten's fourth spot. But we all know she could take him in a proper fight.

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Fast Five raced to the UK Box Office top spot last weekend, raking in £5.3m in an eggs-cellent Easter weekend turnover. For Universal, that's almost as good as the news that I won't make any more egg puns for the rest of this article.

The fourth sequel in the franchise outperformed all the other new releases (not to mention the previous Fast and Furious films - the last one opened on £4.9m), mostly thanks to a whole Thursday of previews.

With many films struggling to break the £1m weekly mark these days (partly down to the sunny weather), getting into the £5m zone is impressive. It's even better when you include the Monday's takings, which saw Fast Five's total jump to over £6m.

Arthur was the main contender for the UK public's affections, but Russell Brand's rather likeable comedy, which got several bad reviews, didn't win many fans - it opened with a moderately respectable £764k.

That's OK given the appeal of the pretty Easter outdoors, but it's a long way off what Warner Bros would have expected, even after Arthur's moderately lacklustre $12m opening in the US. Brand's last major comedy, Get Him to the Greek, debuted with £1.56m in the middle of June - over double the amount the rich billionaire racked up.

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Director: Justin Lin
Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson
Certificate: 15

Fast Five as a title makes no sense at all. There are 8 main characters, for one thing. They might as well call it Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast. In fact, everyone could say everything five times, just to make it all more exciting. Or, should I say, exciting exciting exciting exciting exciting. And so the boys are back for more cars cars cars cars cars, breasts breasts breasts breasts breasts and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - who's so fast and so furious he'll punch you in the face five times before you can even type his name once.

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The guys who put together the Fast & Furious franchise trailers have the easiest job in the world. Bald man? Check. Cars? Check. Explosions? Check. Loud music? Check.

Admittedly, they were thrown a curveball when they had to somehow squeeze in a second bald man (Mr. The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson) alongside hirsutely-challenged Vin Diesel, but it turns out the solution is easy: just add in more shots of cars, explosions and loud music. At one point, they get really ambitious and show a car driving into a train.

But none of that will blow your mind quite like seeing Paul Walker and Mr. Diesel drive a car off a cliff and either jump for dear life or attempt to fly. If Justin Lin's sequel goes with the latter, it just might be the best of the whole series. 

Fast Five screeches into cinemas on Thursday 21st April. The trailer launched exclusively on Yahoo! Movies - read on to see the full video.

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"This just went from Mission Impossible to Mission In-frickin-Sanity."

No change in the dialogue quality then. Still, it's not quite as bad as Vin Diesel's promise to do one last job and then disappear. Forever. But cliches and bald people are what get Fast and Furious fans going, so Fast Five can't really be blamed for living up to expectations. Especially since they've now got The Rock involved - that's double the bald action.

Even weirder than that, Universal let Vin Diesel premiere the trailer on his Facebook page. Bet Paul Walker was jealous of that decision. He's back too, ready to burn rubber (and brain cells) in Brazil. Does anyone care anymore? And, more importantly, will F5 refresh the franchise? Yes, I take full credit there for the GEEKIEST JOKE EVER.

Fast Five is out in cinemas on Friday 29th April. Read on for the trailer.

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Yes, they're back and they're even more fast and furious than the last four times. Justin Lin, in a bold change of career direction, presents: Fast & Furious 5. Or Fast 5. Or 5 Fast. Or Furious 5 who are also Fast. Like the title matters - whatever it's called it'll still be the same flipping film.

Fast & Furious 4 - or The Fast & The Furious - made $350 million for Universal last year. No wonder they've got Vin Diesel and Paul Walker back on board for another sequel. And all the F&F nuts out there will be pleased to hear that Scott Morgan's scribbling the screenplay. So in other words, it's exactly the same film all over again.


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