Review: Thor 2

"How's space?" "Space is fine."

Sunshine on Leith - A musical review

A review of The Proclaimers' musical to the tune of (500) Miles. (Warning: Contains bad singing.)

Review: The Selfish Giant

A heart-rending British drama starring two astonishing young actors.

World War H – or hate’s not all that

What do Shyamalan, World War Z and Man of Steel have in common? Hype - and hate.


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13. Raindance film review: The Critic (El crítico)
(Reviews/Raindance 2013)
Director: Hernán Guerschuny Cast: Rafael Spregelburd, Dolores Fonzi, Blanca Lewin
14. Raindance film review: The Machine
(Reviews/Raindance 2013)
... Maybe, it seems to suggest, building artificially intelligent killing machines can turn out well after all. The Machine is the Closing Night film of Raindance Film Festival and will be released ...
15. Raindance film review: The Search for Simon
(Reviews/Raindance 2013)
Director: Martin Gooch Cast: Martin Gooch, Sophie Aldred, Brooke BurfittIf your brother was abducted by aliens, what would you do? For David, the answer is simple: he searches for Simon. He searches ...
16. Raindance film review: Whoops!
(Reviews/Raindance 2013)
Director: Tony Hipwell, Miles Watts Cast: Elaine Glover, Andrew Dunn, Olwen May, Philip Rowson Serial killers are no laughing matter. Well, most of them aren't. Then again, Rose (Glover) isn't really ...
17. Raindance film review: I Play with the Phrase Each Other
(Reviews/Raindance 2013)
Director: Jay Alvarez Cast: Will Hand, Megan Kopp, Jay Alvarez Walk down the street today and you’ll be surrounded by people on mobiles. You’ll hear snatches of conversations, snippets of stories. ...
"I'm a creative idiot. That's my deal." That's Brian McGuire, director of Prevertere, which had its European premiere on Friday at the Raindance Film Festival. He's also the director of Carlos Spills ...
19. Raindance film review: 2 Jacks
(Reviews/Raindance 2013)
Director: Bernard Rose Cast: Danny Huston, Jack Huston, Sienna Miller, Dave Pressler After Boxing Day, Bernard Rose and Danny Huston team up once again to adapt Tolstoy for the modern age. This time, ...
20. Raindance film review: Prevertere
(Reviews/Raindance 2013)
Director: Brian McGuire Cast: Terry Wayne, Pollyanna McIntosh, Rose Rossi, Antonella Ponziana Showtimes "If you're trying to get laid, if you're trying to fall in love, whatever you want to call ...
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