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The new Skyfall poster makes no sense Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 06:56
New Skyfall poster

There's no two ways about it. The new Skyfall poster makes no sense. Just look at Daniel Craig's expression, which has puzzled many Bond fans. The truth is quite simple. He's thinking: "What the hell happened?" 

I tried to answer his question. Here are the best three explanations I could come up with...


Explanation 1: Bond Goes for a Walk

This is the most logical explanation. 007 is out for a stroll down a gun barrel, as you do, and Sony just forgot to publish the three Skyfall posters in the middle.


Skyfall poster GIF




Skyfall poster tiny Bond


Explanation 1 doesn't answer Bond's question, though: what the heck is 007 doing in the middle of a gunbarrel anyway? How did he fit inside that? The answer: ALIENS.


Explanation 3:  Bond goes shopping


New Skyfall poster



But even that doesn't explain Daniel Craig's expression. Now he's asking himself "Where did these new clothes come from? Did the aliens teleport new ones onto me? Did they see my Sean Connery boxers?"

So instead we have to consider the possibility that actually what we're watching is James Bond out for a walk around Westfield. A new, ultra-futuristic Westfield that looks a lot like the inside of a gunbarrel. Or a special Westfield just for Borrowers, alien abductees and other inexplicably tiny people.


And there you have it. Three completely logical explanations behind the new Skyfall poster. And do any of them make sense? Do they heck.