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The Bait 3D trailer is everything that's bad/great about film Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Thursday, 14 June 2012 17:09

Every now and then I lose my faith in the movie industry. Then I remember that someone has made a film about sharks. In a supermarket.

Yes, just as Spielberg's masterpiece swims back into cinemas, here's one for all the elasmobranchophiles all there: the Bait 3D trailer, an Australian movie directed by Kimble Rendall, second unit director on The Matrix sequels and I, Robot, with a premise that promises to make Jaws look like Jaws. Bait 3D stars Xavier Samuel off Twitlight and Julian McMahon (Fantastic 4's Victor von Doom). And a load of sharks. In a supermarket. In 3D.



Yes, this movie actually exists. And i already love it to bits. There's no sign of a Bait 3D UK release date, but it's out in Argentina in September, so it can't be that long until Entertainment, Lionsgate or Metrodome buy up the theatrical rights. My money's on Lionsgate.



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