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Limitless Rides UK Box Office High but Werner's Cave Holds Treasure Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Wednesday, 30 March 2011 14:04

Limitless rides a high of £2.1m at the UK Box Office this week, after beating off mild competition from The Eagle and A Turtle's Tail. Drugs are good, mmkay?

Bradley Cooper's pill-popping thriller had two days of previews to help shoot up its solid total, but practically doubled the returns for second place 3D kids film A Turtle's Tail, which actually opened on more screens.

The Eagle marched into third, almost matching Turtle's takings of just over £1m. That's a little behind the £1.5m Kevin McDonald's State of Play took in its first week back in 2009, but then Channing Tatum is hardly Russell Crowe.

Interestingly, the historical hack-and-slash adventure showed in more cinemas than the top two films - the only movie more widely shown over the weekend was fourth place Rango. The success of Limitless, then, is testament to the impact of Bradley Cooper's face, which wooed audiences into multiplexes and also formed the basis of an inspired advertising campaign on The Tube.


It's a week of indie wins, though, with Anuvahood staying at number seven for a second week running. Taking £392k, its share of UK cinemas increased after last week's surprisingly strong debut. Adam Deacon's urban comedy now has a running total of £1.2m, which equals the amount Adulthood made on its debut. Bare safe, blud, you get me? Evidently someone does.

Submarine is another success story for independent distributors, also holding onto its place in the charts - 12th place, to be exact. Expanding from 59 to over 100 screens, Richard Ayoade's coming-of-age masterpiece dropped a microscopic £17k (that's 6.7%, maths fans).

Other hangers-on weren't quite so lucky. Chalet Girl slipped in its second week, sadly losing almost exactly half of last week's takings - presumably the teenage girls were all busy drooling over Bradley Cooper's face.

But where's that other new release, Dwayne Johnson's Faster? Answer: down at number 15 with a meagre £157k to its name. It had a wide opening, so that's a super-sized flop for Sony, even worse than fellow car-based B-Movie Drive Angry 3D four weeks ago. Single-man revenge campaigns don't seem to hold much appeal these days, unless they feature Liam Neeson.

The best result of the week, however, goes straight to Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams. From a mere 22 cinemas, the 3D documentary managed £120,785. That's a ridiculously good average of £5,490 per screen. Compare that to Country Strong, which opened in five times as many cinemas but took about 1/5th of Cave's total, and it's a great result for fans of Germans and caves - in other words, everyone.

This week's token mention for The King's Speech sees it struggling to reach £45m overall (it's still got £500,000 to go) but it should easily make it over the next two weeks. Presuming, of course, that it stays in enough cinemas, a tough ask for a film now outside the Top Ten, even one starring Colin Firth. It's 41.9% ahead of Slumdog Millionaire's final total, though, so the Oscar champion can bow out with royal head held high - and wallet fully stuffed.

It's a fight for screens this weekend between newcomers Hop and Source Code. Sucker Punch also has the potential to hit hard with the male demographic, although it'll be interesting to see if its release is scaled back after Zack Snyder got whipped by Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 in the US.