Mockingjay: Part 1

Turns a political struggle into something thrillingly personal.

The Beat Beneath My Feet

A toe-tapping indie that is, quite simply lovely.


An extraordinary true tale made disappointingly ordinary.

The Battle of the Five Armies

"Why does it hurt so much?" Because the rest of it felt so real.


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The Oscar Nomnomnom Challenge 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Sunday, 27 January 2013 16:35

Two years ago, a man called Chris Blohm and I shared a vision. Like all the best visions, it involved cake. And movies. And so began the yearly Oscar Nomnomnom Challenge: a competition to guess the results of the Academy Awards… and reward the winner with cupcakes.

In 2013, four weeks before the Academy Awards ceremony, that vision continues in all its shambolic doughy goodness. Want to enter? All you have to do is write down your Oscars predictions (for all categories), send them to us, and cross your fingers that you get them right.

Whoever predicts the most correctly can have their pick of our delicious edible Oscar-themed movie cupcakes. They’re like awards, but better – because you can eat them. (The runner-up can pick a cake too.)

To give you a taste of what your tummy could win, these are last year’s nomtastic prizes:


Oscar Nomnomnom Cupcakes

The winner of the 2012 Oscar Nomnomnom Challenge, Joe Cunningham, took home The Muppets and War Horse cakes and devoured them in his bedroom. Can you stop him stuffing his face again?


Get Your Nom On

Tweet a photo of your predictions (using the hashtag #Oscarnomnomnom) or email your entry to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The deadline is 23:59 on Saturday 23rd February.


For the full list of 2013 Oscar nominations, click here. Cupcakes will be delivered by hand if you're in the London area, or by post for UK folks further afield.