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Roger Allers Bob Minkoff - interview, The Lion King 3D

There's nowt like getting up at 10 in the morning to go to a roundtable interview with the directors of the greatest Disney movie ever made. That's 10am US Pacific Time, by the way. So yes, I made a special effort and got out of bed at 6pm to make a long journey all the way to the interview. That's a virtual interview, by the way.

After getting up before 6pm, walking across the room to the computer and shouting a few things in South African in the Rafiki style, I was ready to go. All that because The Lion King is out in cinemas again today? I wouldn't have made all that effort for something stupid like Cars, you know.

So anyway, here's what Roger Allers and Bob Minkoff had to say (or type, whatever) about Hamlet, Elton John and post-converting the Disney classic into three dimension as we threw virtual questions at them through the circle of WiFi (ahem).

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From the people who brought you Cars: Planes! Yes, Pixar are still keen to follow up on their one piece of animated rubbish, and now they've reached the dreaded entry in the Disney Guide to Cashing In: spin-off.

Cars, which was a pet project of John Lasseter, didn't do that well - mostly on account of it being rubbish - but it did make a lot of money in the merchandise market. Even my 4 year old nephew has a Lightning McQueen car that he drives around the living room. But while they prepare the Tokyo sequel for next year, Pixar have come up with an idea for a straight-to-DVD spin-off. And called it Planes. Presumably because it's about planes.

Heralded as animated kings, Pixar have been prince of the pixels for years now, producing quality family entertainment with old-school values and ultra-smooth framerates. But a sequel and a spin-off for one of their duds? This is beyond 3-D, people. This is Pocahontas II territory, something we all thought we'd left far behind what with WALL-E and the decade-spanning work on Toy Story 3. As long as they don't follow it up with Trains, we'll be fine: then we'd be bordering on a rubbish cartoon version of Truckers, Diggers and Wings, which is still crying out for a film version to be made. Oi, Lasseter! Go read some Pratchett!

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