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Disney and Del Toro: Destiny? Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Sunday, 13 September 2009 12:10

You read that correctly - old William of Bull is all set for a strange new partnership with Uncle Walt himself. Yes, the man behind Pan's Labyrinth and Cronos is gunning for your kids with Disney's new label called Disney Double Dare You.

Scary animations are the order of the day, with Del Toro's twisted genius the "creative force" behind the movement. I don't know about you, but I found The Devil's Backbone scary. Not to mention the hand-eyes-face guy from Pan's Labyrinth. I'm not sure what a 7 year old would make of it. That said, we're probably more in spooky Coraline territory than abandoned Spanish orphanages. Either way, this is definitely exciting.

The first film for the label is Trollhunters, based on an idea from The Hobbit director. He's revealed that all the Double Dare projects will share a common trait. But we don't what it is yet. I bet whatever it is, it'll be inspired. Unless it's 3-D. In which case it's a terrible idea. At the recent Disney preview event, Del Toro added: "I love to take audiences into fantastic new worlds and provide them with some anxious moments in the process. It is part of the Disney canon to create thrilling, unforgettable moments and villains in all their classic films. It is my privilege for Double Dare You to continue in this tradition."

This is probably the most unique animation opportunity since Dali and Disney collaborated on Destino. For more on that, keep reading...

Destino (or "Destiny"), a short film co-created by Disney and Dali, was started in 1946, but then cancelled due to financial problems. It was then revived and completed in 1999 by Disney, using the original animation's storyboards. A heady mix of Mexican music and vivid surreal imagery, it's a beautiful love story with wonderful visuals - I first caught it at the Dali & Film exhibition in 2007. It still amazes me. This will no doubt be taken down from YouTube soon (and rightly so). Enjoy it while you can.