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Is this the worst movie poster quote of all time? Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 14:59

At the weekend, I attended a screening of the hysterically camp Behind the Candelabra at the notably less-than-camp surroundings of a Picturehouse in Stratford, East London. It was a pleasant evening, until I noticed this monstrosity on the way out of the foyer. Not Henry Cavill, you cheeky monkey. The poster quote above Henry Cavill's face.

Even the sexiest of film posters are regularly plastered with words these days - sometimes fine words crafted by decent wordsmiths, sometimes meaningless bilge - but Man of Steel marks the point at which Warner Bros. decided that it was so important to have a quote on their poster that it didn't even matter whether the quotee had seen the movie. Thank goodness, then, that Yahooo! Movies UK were on hand to provide this nugget of wisdom.

Man of Steel poster quote

What can we learn from this fine piece of concise criticism? Man of Steel is anticipated. Great. But what does that mean?

So, according to Yahoo! Movies UK's expert appraisal of the situation, Man of Steel is regarded as probable. Yahoo! Movies UK expects or predicts Man of Steel to happen. Yahoo! Movies UK guess, or are aware of, the fact that Man of Steel will happen and have taken action in order to be prepared.

Just to be clear, what does that have to do with the film's quality? Absolutely nothing. I anticipate my dinner this evening. That doesn't mean beans on toast with a bit of week-old aubergine I found down the back of the fridge is going to taste any good.

But it's more than that. Yahoo! Movies UK assure us that not only is Man of Steel anticipated - it's nothing less than the most anticipated film of the year. Never before in 2013 has a movie been so expected to happen. Never before in 2013 has a film been so probable.

I don't know about you, but that's me well and truly amped for the return of Superman. Man of Steel: The Most Probable Movie of 2013.