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Bag head posters: Making Shia LaBeouf not famous anymore Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Monday, 10 February 2014 13:25

Shia LaBeouf sparked a fresh wave of media attention this weekend by attending the Berlin premiere of Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac with a paper bag on his head bearing his now signature catchphrase: I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.

Now, I've tried to ignore Shia's bonkers behaviour over the last month - if his wish is to become not famous, or if his aim is merely to get attention, the best response seems to be not to give him the time of day. But frankly, I can't help but enjoy this latest stunt in all its papery baggy glory. Is this a genuine mental breakdown? Attending the red carpet premiere of a movie suggests not. Is it all an art project, a la Joaquin Phoenix's I'm Still Here? If so, he forgot to call Casey Affleck and get him to bring his camera.

Either way, it's starting to become kind of fascinating again. And so, to support Shia in his wish to become NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE, I've started to go through his back catalogue and remove his star status altogether. Which goes to prove several things: 1. Famous people saying they're not famous anymore while wearing paper bags on their heads doesn't make them not famous anymore, and, most importantly, 2. I will break any principle I have just for the excuse of some silly Photoshopping.

And so I present to you... #Bagheadposters: