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Hate Piracy (Adverts)? Love The Last Cinema Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Friday, 23 December 2011 17:33
Love cinema? Hate piracy - new advert campaign from the NFTS / FDA

It doesn't seem like there's much people can do to stop movie piracy. As someone who used to work in a cinema, on the rare occasion when we did catch someone camming a film (get me all down with the kids' terminology), even when we'd removed them from the screen, we couldn't keep them on the premises.

And so piracy just keeps going. And I keep dissing it to my peeps in the street. Piracy sucks. Yeah. You suck, piracy. And your mum too. Piracy's mum sucks. 

That doesn't seem to be making much of a difference, though. This year, things seems to be getting even more ridiculous, with people now pirating trailers. Actually taking video cameras into cinemas to record two-minute preview clips - a behaviour that's being encouraged by over-excited fans.

Prometheus. The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. All trailers pirated in cinemas way before their release dates and then shared around the internet. Not to sell for profit or save on money (almost understandable with a full film when you consider that legal downloads are up to 50% more expensive than DVDs). These are promoted by people just to get more traffic to an internet site, which relies upon the film industry to survive in the first place. 


Daft anti-piracy adverts playing up the criminal charges (in my possibly-incorrect understanding, it's often a civil offence) or making outrageous terrorist claims don't help with the debate much. Not just because they muddy the legal water, but because in most cases they simply make the anti-piracy campaign seem more laughable. Do you remember that one from the 1990s with the poker-wielding overweight demon booming "The pirates are out to get you"? Or the one that starts "You wouldn't steal a handbag"? 

To quote Ed Byrne: 



Other ad campaigns, where movie stars thank the audience personally for supporting the film industry, are more along the right lines. And I include in that this new short film from the National Film and Television School called The Last Cinema.

NFTS graduate Jae-ha Myung and his producer Andrew Start were commissioned by the Film Distributors Association to create this look at a "devastated near-future world in which unchecked piracy has brought about the end of cinema". It's something different, it's a bit creative and stylish and it's exactly the kind of thing the industry should be releasing instead of that demented fat man cackling into a fire. It even has John Hurt doing a voiceover.

Read on to watch it.



Now all we need is for Charlie Brooker to do another episode of Black Mirror about piracy. That and wait for the out-of-touch industry to lower its prices, give internet users a wider choice of legal downloads, stop being so bullish towards the people it needs to win back and/or actually consider day-and-date digital releases - or something along those lines.


Until then, share and embed The Last Cinema on your website instead of that Dark Knight Rises prologue, and remember to keep an eye out for video cameras in cinemas. And, of course, keep telling piracy it sucks.

Yeah, piracy. You suck. And your mum too. Like a Dyson dual-cyclone hoover.


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