X-Men: First Class

Bold, brilliant and effortlessly cool. First Class? X-Men: Kick-Ass more like.

X-Menathon - Live Blog

Get in the mood for First Class with the ultimate X-Men marathon. Four movies, one night, no special powers. Mag-neato!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2

A loosely tied string of sketches, Diary of Wimpy Kid 2 is forgettable fun for the whole family.

The Hangover: Part II

It's hard to believe that Mel Gibson was considered too racist to be in this film.

Julia's Eyes

Guillem Morales' inspired direction makes sure you never take your eyes off screen.

Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides

Has everything a blockbuster needs: beards, swords, and Penélope Cruz. In a hat.

Pirates of the Caribbeathon

A live blog marathon of all the Pirates films. Get the rum, me hearties. You'll need it for Pirates 2.

Home Videos: Tintin

This 1991 version of The Secret of the Unicorn contains hats, dogs and eyebrows.

Fincher's Official Dragon Tattoo Trailer

Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara and THAT cover of Immigrant Song?


Bold and disarming, Hanna really shouldn't work but by heck it does.

BlogalongaBond: You Only Live Twice

This month, BlogalongaBond teaches us How to Build a Volcano Lair.

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BlogalongaBond. One Bond film a month until Bond 23 comes along in November 2012.

After Thunderball's underwater bilge, Bond faced a challenge: how do you top nuclear weapons and sharks? The answer: go to Japan.

It's a bold move, which distracts from the same old formula with exotic scenery, fat men throwing 007 through paper-thin walls, and Bond's impressive Japanese linguistic skills.

"You forget, Moneypenny, I got a first in Oriental Languages at Oxford," says Sean Connery, before going on to spend the entire film speaking in English. With a thick Scottish accent.

But while Bond's How to Speak Japanese guide would be an easy read (Step 1: Look like Leonard Nimoy), You Only Live Twice did something far more important for the Bond franchise. Not only did it show Blofeld's face for the first time (spoiler: he looks like Donald Pleasance), it also gave Bond's nemesis a new home: a hollowed-out volcano. And that volcano became one of the most iconic images associated with 007. 

Which would explain why I found this authentic Japanese haiku sitting inside the box of my special edition You Only Live Twice DVD:

Blofeld, you are cool.

Your volcano rules. Tell me

how to build one too.


And, inevitably, underneath that haiku was an instructional pamphlet that went a little something like this...

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