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Electrick Children, Rebecca Thomas

(Photo via Electrick Children Facebook page)


What was the first song you ever listened to? Did it make you pregnant? That’s what happens to young Mormon girl Rachel (Julia Garner) in Electrick Children. Her family in shock, she runs away from the fundamentalist Utah commune and into Las Vegas, followed by her brother, Mr. Wills (Liam Aiken), to find the father of her magical foetus. There she meets teenage loser Clyde (Rory Culkin).

Fused with an honest love of music and faith, it’s a beautiful piece of magic realism from debut director Rebecca Thomas.

How much of it is based on her own childhood as a Mormon? Does music really have the ability to knock you up? And what does all of this have to do with Billy Zane? The talented and lovely Becca sits down and tells me about mermaids, Mormons and the powerful playlist she has hidden away on her iPod…

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Loved Mamma Mia? Wished you could see another movie based on a popular pop group without containing any factual content whatsoever? Enter The Beach Boys. And Fox 2000.

Fox 2000 managed to outbid Universal to nab the rights to the Beach Boys back catalogue attached to a script from Erin Brockovich writer Susannah Grant. What the plot will be is anybody's guess. According to Deadline, "the story takes place in Southern California over a summer in the 60s."

So, to take the lead from that ABBA musical monstrosity, it'll presume revolve around something Sloop John B said about California Girls and how they give him Good Vibrations, which caused God Only Knows what terrible consequences for everybody going Surfin' USA.

Who knows who will direct this one. Hopefully not Pierce Brosnan. Maybe Zack Snyder will want in.


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