Zoolander 2

Really, really, ridiculously disappointing.

The Assassin

There are martial arts movies and there are martial arts movies. The Assassin isn't either.

Batman v Superman

A bold, mature exploration of myths and epics - followed by a two-hour mess.

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5 things you didn't Aaron Paul's appeared in Print E-mail
Written by Ivan Radford   
Friday, 14 December 2012 06:43

Aaron Paul. We all know him. Yeah, we all know Aaron Paul. Aaron Paul who plays Jesse in Breaking Bad. Yeah, we know him. Mr. Paul. Aaron. Jesse from Breaking Bad. Played by Aaron Paul. Yeah. We all know Aaron Paul.

But what you didn't know about Aaron Paul is that you already knew him before he started cooking meth and hanging around with the dad from Malcolm in the Middle. Maybe you knew him as Jeff Bridge's son. Or Tom Cruise's brother.

Here are 5 things you didn't know Aaron Paul has appeared in...

The Price Is Right

Yes, this actually happened. In 2000, Aaron Paul appeared in an episode of The Price Is Right. He bid 1,200 bucks. Very loudly.



ER (2003)

And now, to pretend that this whole thing isn't just an excuse to watch a video of Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right, here's Mr. Paul popping up on a 2003 episode of ER. (Head to the 2 minute mark to see him make a woman cough blood up all over her son.)



Mission Impossible 3 (2006)

This one completely slipped past me until I found myself down an Aaron Paul internet blackhole - apparently Pinkman was so awesome that he was allowed to be the half-brother of Tom Cruise. Or the brother of Michelle Monaghan, whichever you think is hotter. Either way, they share an intimate moment early on.



K-Pax (2001)

Aaron snatched this one up just after his stint on The Price Is Right - maybe Kevin Spacey liked his enthusiasm. Whether you think K-Pax is an interesting little drama (like me) or you find it a load of nonsensical drivel, we can all agree on one thing: Jeff Bridges' son is awesome. And yet, 9 years later, Aaron still didn't the call up to reprise the role in Tron: Legacy. Although he probably would've been too busy snorting meth anyway.



Smashed (2012)  

Need someone to play a guy who's always off his face? Get Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. But Aaron Paul makes his job as the husband of alcoholic teacher Kate far better than the casting choice would suggest; adding depth and pathos to what could have been a meaningless character, Paul fleshes out the lead couple's marriage, to the point where it becomes more about them than her addiction.

All that without stealing the show from the incredible Mary Kate Winstead? No wonder Smashed is such a fantastic film. It's out in cinemas today, by the way. And if you hadn't heard of it until now, trust me: go see it. Alcohol, arguments and lying to small children? What could be more Christmassy? (Watch the trailer - or read our Smashed review here.)