Fast Five

The most furious load of bollocks yet. Amazing.


Love him or hate him, it's hard to resist Russell Brand's manic charm. Which of course just makes you hate him even more.

Scream: The Video Game

Experience the sheer terror of the Scream franchise through the medium of an MS-DOS text game.

Your Highness

Works best if you're as wasted as the cast. Puerile, filthy fun.

Home Videos: Ace Ventura

Hawaiian shirts, gravity-defying hair and a cross-dressing Ray Finkle? Alrighty then!


If it's an advert for Angry Birds, it's a good one.

Source Code

Confidently mainstream with real sci-fi smarts. A cracking caper on a train.

Bored on the Train?

Inspired by Source Code, here's a movie guide to make any train journey more exciting.


A glass and a half empty production. Hop aims for Cadbury goodness but winds up closer to Hersheys chocolate.

BlogalongaBond: Thunderball

Thunderball and Never Say Never Again teach us How to Remake a Bond Film


iFlicks on Twitter

Tag:winnie the pooh




Amuse yourselves with this super cute picture and some crayons.

And no, there's no colouring competition. Although if you twitpic your Tiggery scribbles, I may offer the best one a copy of Identity on DVD - just because I seem to have two copies for some reason.



You may have noticed that there's a new Winnie the Pooh movie out this week courtesy of Disney. If you haven't heard of it, don't worry: it has perhaps the most non-existent marketing campaign since Keanu Reeves phoned up some newspapers in January about two hours before Henry's Crime started playing in cinemas.

But just in case you're not bothered about the return of The Pooh, here's why you should be super mega excited about it...

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