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15 films you didn't know John Barrowman was in
Written by Ivan Radford  
Friday, 25 January 2013 07:51

Zero Dark Thirty is out in UK cinemas today and while reviews have almost unanimously declared it to be brilliant, Kathryn Bigelow's Bin Laden movie has sparked a huge debate around one controversial topic: John Barrowman's cameo.

The appearance by the Dr Who and Arrows star has been labelled a treat by Torchwood fans but for others, the very thought of the host of BBC's Tonight's The Night popping up to brief the CIA on the whereabouts of a terrorist is simply too distracting. "What's next," they hypothetically cry, "Vernon Kay in Star Wars 7? Barbara Windsor in Kick-Ass 2?"

But when it comes down to it, who else would you want tracking Osama Bin Laden other than Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness? (Other than Saul from Homeland, obviously.)

In fact, the immortal Captain's been in loads of movies. So to stop you getting a shock halfway through Zero Dark Thirty, allow us to desensitise you. Here are 15 films you didn't know John Barrowman was in:




The Producers

John Barrowman, The Producers


The Untouchables

(Despite several claims and photos from fansites, further research suggests this may not be John Barrowman - but he is definitely in this scene. Possibly with his arse to the camera.)


Shark Attack 3: Megalodon


12 Angry Men


Back to the Future


Die Hard


Ben Hur


Being John Malkovich Barrowman






Jurassic Park


Life of Pi


The Matrix


Pulp Fiction



Zero Dark Thirty


There. That's not so off-putting now, is it?


You can watch the Zero Dark Thirty trailer over here.



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