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A bold, mature exploration of myths and epics - followed by a two-hour mess.

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Written by Ivan Radford   
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 07:08
Man of Steel soundtrack

UPDATE: The first track from the Man of Steel score has arrived online. Called An Ideal of Hope, it confirms all the promising Williams-style riffs I waffled on about below. Listen to it underneath the trailer.

The new Man of Steel trailer has touched down - and while it's a whole bag of goodness, the best thing about the new teaser? The music. Or, more specifically, the first two notes.

After borrowing Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings for the previous trailer (an unforgivable crime with a completely mismatched feel), we've got something here that really does sound like Hans Zimmer's take on Superman. How do you do Superman without doing Superman? The more important question is how do you do Superman without doing Hans Zimmer? Thankfully, there's enough to stop it sounding like Batman 4: gone are those overly familiar minor thirds, replaced by a rising perfect fifth as the main theme. On brass. Soundtrack nerds will know what that means: even with the Zimmery strings that start playing underneath with lots of loud timpani, that interval gives the whole thing a John Williams vibe that (after they said they would not use the original theme) is completely unexpected.

The next two notes? Fanfare for the Common Man - more than a tiny influence upon William's Superman theme. As the first glimpse of Man of Steel's score, it's promising stuff. Especially given that it's all one piece, not cut together from random cues. For someone who struggles to imagine Superman without John Williams (and is sick of Zimmpressionist scores popping up all over Hollywood), the Man of Steel trailer music (drums aside) is full of promise. Those opening two notes? They stand for hope.

Read on for the trailer - and the first track from the Man of Steel score.

You'll get a full rundown of the Man of Steel score later this year in my Den of Geek soundtrack column.

Listen: An Ideal of Hope - Man of Steel soundtrack (Hans Zimmer)