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Written by Ivan Radford   
Thursday, 08 January 2009 13:07

And the winner of the 2009 Orange British Academy Film Award for Rising Star is...

Last year, Shia LeBeouf's star was deemed to have risen the highest (no surprises there, given that he was in Transformers, Disturbia, voiced the lead in Surf's Up and had finished filming Indiana Jones Conquers the Martians.)

Then, come to think of it, the Rising Star Award often seems to go to someone who is already doing their bit to brighten Hollywood's glittery night sky. Eva Green got her kit off for Bernardo Bertolucci in The Dreamers yonks before being crowned queen of 2007, which came on the back of her jaw-dropping performance in

Casino Royale (hottest. Bond Girl. Ever.) Oh, and Kingdom of Heaven, of course. Not anyone's greatest moment, but a high-profile flop if ever there was one. But this is not to mention James McAvoy (swoon), the first winner of the award, who was famous from Shameless but not much else, and picked up the plaudit after his turn as child-friendly Mr Tumnus - from that point on, his star didn't rise. It soared.

Why such a mixed bag of known unknowns? Well, Rummy, it's all down to the audience. This is their award. So get ready to click in the name of cinema and cast your vote for 2009...

Tony Kebbel

This 26 year-old was in Alexander, but don't hold that against him: alongside Dead Man's Shoes and Match Point, he's worked with some great people up to his peak in Control, where he stole the show as foul-mouthed manager Rob Gretton. Ignore the part in RocknRolla and remember the good times. This guy is fookin' hilarious.





Noel Clarke

Wet as a dishcloth in Doctor Who, Mickey surprised everyone when it turned out he could write. And direct. The 33 year-old who brought us the brashly realistic Kidulthood and Adulthood is soon to star opposite Timmy Spall in Heartless, a low-budget Brit thriller. If you claimed Noel Clarke is keeping this country's film industry going, you might not be far wrong...


Michael Fassbender

By the age of 31, Michael Fassbender had already amassed a Band of Brothers, but even they couldn't save him from Eden Lake's killer kiddies. Then he lost 33lbs (not 300) to play IRA prisoner Bobby Sands. And he'll do it again if you don't vote for him. The others may have an appetite for this award, but this guy really knows Hunger. Committed and capable of kicking arse, Fassbender's future will shortly feature Inglorious Basterds. It could be bright, but will it be orange...?


Rebecca Hall

A lovely lady, this one, who broke through in 2006's Starter for 10. Since then, she bagged a bit in The Prestige and, having adorned Batman's arm, is soon to be seen drooping off Michael Sheen's appendage in Frost/Nixon. She's awesome in that too. Out of all the young Brits coming through these days, Rebecca really knows how to shine - who else could convince trying to out-steam Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona? Scarlet Johansson? Since you've made the comparison, it's worth pointing out that this star is equally bright.



Michael Cera

After sharpening his teeth on Arrested Development, Michael Cera's comic timing is spot-on. He's nailed the dweeb character down to floor and flogged it for laughs without fail in both Superbad and Juno. With the cute Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist on the horizon, Michael's quality control is improving. Why not reward his new-found taste alongside his sterling sense of humour? This could be the only time in history that a BAFTA gets awarded to George Michael.

Head over here to have your say. I'm all for Fassbender getting a gong for his acting, and Noel Clarke is a veritable UK hero, but my fingers are crossed for Miss Hall. But hey, your vote counts, so why bother wasting your time reading this? The clock is ticking...

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